Cirno 9

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Cirno 9
Champion of the God: Cybeast Falzar
Personality: drunk and prankish, like Suika!
Gender: female, like everyone in Gensokyo!
Level: 17
Motto: Ice Sign: Icicle Fall!
Guild: Gensokyo Associates
Guild Rank: Master
Guild Position: Gensokyo Liason
Wins / Losses: better than my namesake, that's for sure!
Favorite Town: Monsterdam
Largest Ever Gold: 4000+

Hi all! I'm Cirno 9! I've got stories to tell. How I came to serve Cybeast, a parallel dimension, a mad scientist... Seriously, check out the chronicles!

Oh, and Cybeast here's pressuring me to put one more thing down... Really? Yes, i understand that <a href=""> my namesake </a> loves this phrase, but that doesn't mean I have to... Oh, ok. FINE!


No, I'm not. My little tour of Gensokyo proved that. If I do believe that, I'm obviously drunk.

Random conversation we had...

Cybeast: #wipe [1]

Me: Antiseptic wipes, Cybeast? Why would you want me to use those? What's next, a decontamination chamber? Didn't know you were such a neat freak.

Cybeast: I'm not a neat freak. I also, however, don't take disorder as far as a certain kleptomaniac magician [2]

Me: Kleptomaniac... you mean

Cybeast: SHUT UP!

Me: Huh? Oh, right, not supposed to say their names...