Circular void generator

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Artifacts of Godville
Circular void generator
circular void1.jpg
A 'must have' item for every occasion ...
Type 💎Bold
Description Unknown

The Circular Void is a truly essential artifact.

A quick wind of the spring, a small calibration of the pall-ratchet and a flick of Lever A will generate a circular void of your choosing. Just imagine the uses...

  • If you need to bury your last Arena opponent in the woods at midnight, the C.V.G. can create a handy hole in minutes.
  • Desperate for a toilet break and looking for a handy ditch ? Why, the C.V.G. can make you a nice deep hollow in no time.

Be sure to read the instructions properly and take care when calibrating the pall-ratchet to make sure it doesn't slip over the reciprocating flange! The last Hero who forgot these simple precautions is now handily buried in a grave of his own making... some fifty feet down.

As seen in the Weekend Godville #886

Day 1133 g.e. If you find a circular void generator, it's your lucky day! Contact any trader to quickly turn your luck into gold!