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The “Chrion” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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Motto: One day....we will fix this typo!
Alignment: Good
Date Founded: 23rd July 2010
Membership Count: 1
Guild Page: Chrion 
Data current as of April 23, 2011

Chrion is a guild that acquired it's name from the futuristic melodic metalcore band, All That Remains. The only problem is, there is a typo in the name of the guild. The guild creator was aware of this the second it happened but was unable to do anything about it because at the time there was no way to erase without starting over. Leaving this guild is not an option. There are no particular rules that state this in the guilds' handy "Big 'ol Book uh Rules". Even the God's of Godville (Town) do not have the power to force its members to leave. It must be because the members are very devoted to their guild. This guild will forever be known as "The Guild With the Typo".



Chrion was a clever late night idea from the guild leader himself, Ainen. Since nobody else decided that they were going to get him anything for his birthday, he decided that he would create a guild. This was an amazing plan that was sure to get him some friends. Ainen spent hours trying to find a name for his guild. After all, this was the most important part. At about 4 AM what appeared to be a flying alligator flew at Ainen with a CD. The flying alligator said "This CD is from the future, it will provide you with what you seek". The alligator flew off into the sunset. About 5 minutes later the alligator returned. He had realized that Ainen had no way of listening to this CD. So he provided him with a CD player and some headphones and then flew off into the sunset, again. Ainen listened to the CD and discovered a song with the title Chiron. He really liked this song so decided to name the guild after it. Ainen got his guild registration form and his unerasable pen. Quickly, without thinking, Ainen scribbled down his name, the creation date, the alignment, and then finally the name. Only then did had he realized this mistake. This was a disaster. Not only did it cause nobody to join the guild with such a ridiculous name, but it also earned the guild a nickname, "The Guild With the Typo". From then on, Ainen decided that the new goal for his guild was to get as many people to join as he could.

The Guild With the Typo

Many people refer to Chrion as The Guild With the Typo. This is because the guild in fact, has a typo in the name. The name of the guild was originally supposed to be "Chiron", which was the guild leaders favorite song at the time. The reasoning for this typo is because the guild leader was simply writing the name down too fast, in the late hours of the night, thus resulting in the current name. As of right now there are no plans on disbanding the guild. Mainly for the fact that it is impossible to leave.

Big 'ol Book uh Rules

The Big 'ol Book uh Rules is the rulebook for the guild Chrion. When the guild leader Ainen was first creating the guild, he decided that it needed a giant book with thousands of complex and confusing rules. This book was the largest he could find from the town of Tradeburg at the time. The book has at least 5000 pages in it. There is only one ingenious rule within it:

Rule #1
  • No rules shall be written in this book without approval from Ainen (even after his death).

Guild Members

Current members