Cherry Gang

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Cherry Gang
Motto: All Cherries are Bad.
Leader: GodHoly Roses 
Date Founded: Jan 8, 2015
Guild Page: Cherry Gang 


The Cherry Gang is a guild where our heroes join together in utter hate against cherries. What a misleading guild name. Maybe it should have been called the cherry defamation league.

If a god or goddess, for whatever reason, actually had interest of joining this guild, they are more than welcome and would have to send their hero or heroine the following voice command:

Join the "Cherry Gang" guild

As usual, your hero/heroine may not attempt the quest right away, so waiting 30 seconds before trying again is recommended. Do not cancel the current quest, and make sure your hero/heroine is outside of a town and not fighting any monsters.

Chickens and Pride

Members of the Cherry Gang are very proud, too bad they're so chicken.

Members love chickens since they see themselves in these animals. Chickens communicate with loud calls, try to look better than each other, and cherish the bond between members. Cherry Gang members scream loudly like idiots while talking, constantly try to look better than each other, and have a longing to bond with each member.

Although these heroes have an undeniable love for chickens, it should be safe to say Cherry Gang members are lonely.

!Hero's Diary
01:25 PM Our guild prophet ordered me to teach chickens to use crosswalks. For "Cherry Gang!"

Theme Song

By Meta Knife

Once, Far Away,

There were Cherry haters.

They chose to create

A Cherry Gang!

They were happy, and free.

---Then one day

in Cherry paradise.

Came an evil, monster sun!

Who wanted to take over, but

With the power of Apples,

We saved our Cherry Gang!

The Calls of the Cherry Gang

Animal Sounds

The calls members make are animal sounds, namely "clucking," "mooing," and "buzzing." Don't get the wrong idea, though. The "buzzing" is the sound of the hornet, not the bee. Because bees spread pollen and thus support the evil organization known as cherry-growing!

Members tend to look like bigger idiots then normal when they meet each other, because they believe that yelling animal noises together in public is approved of at large.

The Term "G"

As well as meaningless animal noises, members of the Cherry Gang mostly refer to each other as "g." It's probably because they want to make their guild feel like a real gang, but most likely because they can't remember their own guild mate's names.


Once, not to far off ago in a not to distant town, was a Visiting Hero who stroked up conversation with a Residential Hero of that town. This Visiting Hero spoke of a long forgotten town destroyed by errors and save file corruptions. He lived in that town once, remembering the most popular attractions of the town, the apple trees, and how glorious it was before the horrible events of turning off the game while saving. With his Valor, the Visiting Hero traveled through many towns to share his story and offer warning.

(Nobody listened of course, and why are you still reading this?)

The Residential Hero thought this over with great remorse, then asked his Visitor what type of fruit the town he lived in now bore. His Visitor shook his head with disgust and spat the word, "Cherry!" The Residential Hero sighed, he had met too many heroes and heroines who lived in towns that grew of the much disliked cherries. In fact, he himself lived in a town that grew cherries and the Residential Hero did not find this agreeable at all.

With his Knowledge, the Visiting Hero offered his new friend an idea: together they would make a new guild in Godville, a group of members who would join together in an uprising against cherries, and stand up against people who turn off or touch their game cards while their games are saving and end up with file corruptions that leave them with cherries or even worse, oranges.

Basically, the Two Original Heroes of Valor and Knowledge did not create this guild for people who enjoy the putrid taste that is cherries. Instead this guild exists for the heroes and heroines who dislike the demonic imbecile fruit that goes by the name of cherry.

The Rise of the Enemy

This is a tragic time of when our heroes met their villain.

It was a beautiful day, just like any other day, in cherry-hating paradise. As some of our fellow members talked about famous heroes and getting wasted with alcohol, the rise of the enemy began. An evil monster, powered by the sun and trailed by fire, appeared. In haste, it began to dispatch the guild's members with its evil power, which was criticism. Our victims fought with the power of fantastic role-playing games which was the monster's weakness at the time. The enemy fled. But still it would come back, always trying to takeover the gang and claim supremacy! But our valiant heroes and heroines will fight with the power of ignorance and apples. And each time the sun monster would give up. But it stills tries to fight, and each fight is a struggle for our cherry-hating morons.

About the Enemy

The enemy with the Strength of sun and fire was not always one with destruction.

Before the time of the formation of this guild, the Two Original Heroes were once friends with another Hero who was gifted in casting fire magic and hacking. And although he meant well, this fire magician was a Hero with a twisted mind of destruction and would annoy others with criticism on things he never understood. Out of all the things he wanted in his lifetime, the Two Original Heroes recalled that he had always lusted for power and lead in a cult of loyal followers. Apparently, the Cherry Gang was good enough for him, and despite the guild's obvious stupidity he would attack time and again in an attempt to rule with his Strength.

Although this enemy with the lust for power would attack, the Two Original Heroes always fail to destroy him in the end because of the memories of the times spent together. The Two wish to deny the fact that he was an enemy and hope that one day he would come to his senses to quest together in friendship again. It is believed that this Hero of Strength only wanted attention and loyal friendship, but choose the wrong path to obtain it.


Below is a list of the leaders in "Cherry Gang".

Leader Elected On Ended Leadership High-Level Rank Totem Monster
Holy Roses November 20, 2015 February 15, 2016 N/A N/A
Holy Roses April 29, 2016 N/A N/A N/A