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Monsters of Godville
Class Scary Cow
Habitat Darkness, pastures outside of towns
Description A bull with exposed bones and glowing eyes

The Cherno-bull is a monster. A bull that got involved in the radioactive scene. Now, it stalks through the night, and watches heroes, waiting for the right moment to charge. Its razor sharp horns, endowed with radioactive isotopes, can gore and leave a nasty infection. The Cherno-bull thrives in the night, glowing eyes able to see in the pitch black, and prey on drunk heroes stumbling out of towns. The Cherno-bull blends in during the day by milling with regular cows, but during the night, it infects other bulls and chases foolish heroes.

If you wander outside at night, beware. The Cherno-bull is watching you.


  • Night Vision
  • Sharp horns
  • Radioactive element
  • Already dying from radiation, so hard to hurt it


  • Paws its hoof repeatedly before charging
  • Kept in reign by pasture enclosures
  • Glowing eyes can give it away
  • Does not live very long, due to being wasted away by radiation