Chain Male

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Monsters of Godville
Chain Male
Male torque
Class metal, humanoid
Description Unknown

The Chain Male is a monster ravaged by its past crimes and as a result of their criminality they are forced to wear chains.

It walks in agony, waiting for its prey, and smashes them with its chains. However, it's accuracy is so low that it is quite easy to dodge. Also, all of them are males, hence the name.

Don't underestimate it though it can be dangerous!

!Hero's Diary
04:73 PM I slipped away from the Chain Male as it was too strong for me to deal with. I'll let karma take care of it.

!Hero's Diary
02:47 PM When I told the Chain Male that my mission was to kill as many bosses as possible, its demeanour changed completely. It called me an honorary comrade of the Common Monsters' Revolution and handed me a male-to-female phrasebook in recognition of my service to the cause. Weird.