Century Fox

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Monsters of Godville
Century Fox
Vulpes centuria
Class Mammal
Habitat Woodlands
Death Rattle D'oh!
Description Red fur, battle scars

The Century Fox (Vulpes centuria) is a monster that lives to be 100 years old before giving birth, and dies once the cub is born. It is said there are only 20 of them on Earth at a time, and therefore they are on the special Godville list of protected monsters (a list no hero ever botherd to look at)


The beast looks generally the same as any other fox in the wild. The major difference is the obvious age of the Century Fox (sometimes they can also be seen with walking canes or putting their teeth in a glass of water for the night). The monster's face is generally scarred from past battles, and often it is missing one eye. The creature's fur tends to be ragged and disheveled, if not downright mangy.

It's been reported that the "Fanned fingers" skill is incredibly effective in defeating this creature. If a hero has not yet acquired this skill then the best advice a God can give them is to run away, offer the fox a place in an retirement home (although this can also make them incredibly angry) or attack the late at night when they have already gone to bed (thanks to their age waking up late at night is difficult for them)


According to researches the Century Fox is related to the well known Firefox, this was discovered after noting that both are in fact a fox. Even though they are related, the Firefox is a lot better known by heroes thanks to its more common appearance, the fact that it breathes fire and the fact that you can tame it. There has been no record of hero or heroine taming the Century Fox, simply because no non-Feral Hero has lived long enough to stop being "too young to listen" by the Century Fox.



  • Incredibly long lived
  • Experienced fighter
  • Extremely good sense of smell


  • Arthritis
  • Old-fashioned ideology
  • Allergy to the color yellow


WARNING! Do not feed a Century Fox a banana! They are highly sensitive creatures to the color yellow. Anything yellow is poisonous to them. It will make them go into an uncontrollable rage and kill anything in sight.

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