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Artifacts of Godville
Center of gravity
Everything balances on this
Type 💎Bold
Description Do you see the Centaur of Gravity? This has nothing to do with it.

The Center of gravity artifact is an essential yet non-essential piece of equipment. It's very handy to carry around yet extremely easy to lose for our typically drunken hero. It's gain brings upright posture and a level head, whereas it's loss leads to a fall in pride, spirit and physical demeanor.

Here we see an adept definitely not falling over and about to fall on his fundamental.
I'm not falling over... no, I'm not!

The typical Center of gravity is often put to extreme testing when our Hero is practicing their Drunken Kung Fu, and let's face it, what other type of Kung Fu would they practice?

In the Godville Times

!Day 1858 g.e.
Wanted: a center of gravity. Don't just stand there - sell, sell, sell!