Celery Stalker

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Monsters of Godville
Celery Stalker
Apium stalkerous
Celery Stalker.jpg
Class Plant Mutation
Habitat Gardens, farms, and behind your hero
Description A walking, talking, stalking celery

The Celery Stalker (Apium stalkerous) was created one pleasant day, with the birds singing and joy everywhere, somebody was missing it all playing Godville indoors and missing out on it all while eating a horrible celery stalk (yuck).

The Celery Stalker looked at the celery stalk and proclaimed that it was stalking him, he then put it down and proclaimed that its eyes had followed him (I know, a celery with eyes? He was quite crazy). He then giggled and mumbled to his crazy old self "A celery stalking me? Her hee, I'm funny", pondering this further he came to a conclusion "Celery Stalker would be a great name for a Godville monsters."

He submitted it to the ideabox, forgetting the celery stalk still looking at him. He was never seen nor heard from again.



  • So nimble, our drunken heroes can't get anywhere near him
  • Celery is not made of beer and is still edible, making this one an heroes worst enemy
  • No other strengths known. Unless this is a strength?
  • Has more strengths then set on the guidelines


  • Highly edible
  • About the size of a heroes finger
  • Is the only monster dumber then a hero