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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “Caterpillar Army” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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"Coolest Guild Ever" [1]

In Caterpillar Wars the story of a heroic caterpillar named Malex who is magically teleported into a different dimension by the god of caterpillars GGRREEEENN where he then creates the Caterpillar Army and starts the an uprising against the humans. The Caterpilar Army guild is friends with the Harvest Moon guild. The Caterpillar Army guild also has it's own blog! You should buy a shirt [2]

Caterpillar Army
Motto: (●̪•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿
Alignment: Neutral
Gold Fund: 189 c.u.
Date Founded: August 10 2011
Membership Count: 2
Pantheon of unity Rank: 439
Guild Page: Caterpillar Army 
Data current as of Tomorrow


This may be classified as a guild but it's really an army of revolutionary caterpillars who are tired of the humans being in charge. To all of you other groups or types of creatures that are tired of the humans as well, list your names on the List of Awesomeness and we will be sure mention you in the battles.

Chain of Command

Malex The Caterpillar

Three advisers

10 Generals

100 caterpillar warriors and any one else who will join the caterpillar rebellion

How to Join

First select the voice of god option then tell your hero Join the "caterpillar Army" guild. Your hero will be more likely to listen to you if you tell him the command when he is out of town and not fighting a monster. If he still doesn't listen try replacing the word Join with Enroll, if that doesn't work then your hero must really not like you.

List of Awesomeness

  • Caterpillars

Malex's Log

!Malex's Log
16:30 Need to take over a city but how... That's It, I'll form an army!

6:54 Just formed a Caterpillar Army hell yeah!

14:10 Trying to choose some caterpillar generals and advisers from my army.

24:00 I woke up at midnight because a large gold brick fell on me with the words "Here you go NOW BUILD ME A TEMPLE MADE OF SOLID GOLD!" inscribed upon it. ouch! that was painful as hell! GGRREEEENN couldn't you have made it fall on my stupid Rocky Raccoon when he was stealing my stuff!14:52 Desperately praying and sacrificing, I made a small miracle and resurrected my pet. Boo, I'm so glad to see you!16:34 Found a new quest written on the billboard near the town hall: give up drinking, this is going to be a hard one...

2:28 Quest to 'give up drinking' has been completed! Received some experience and a wish for good luck. Off to the tavern to celebrate!

03:30 The local monks said that the Great One is busy being too awesome for me to understand at the moment and cannot answer my prayers. What a pity.

Guild Quests

Recruit more members
Create a Caterpillar army
Take over the city
Defeat the compies


  1. If you type in coolest guild ever then press Go (not Search, Go) it will go to the Caterpillar Army guild.