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Important.png For general information on guilds, including joining guilds, please see the Guilds page. To create a Godwiki page for your guild, use the godwiki link from your guild's stat page. The documentation for the Guild template will also help guide you in creating a new guild page.

How to choose and change guilds?

Use your commands to tell your Hero, they may not listen to you because they have recently changed, chosen or they like there current guild. You can also cancel the quest that joins a quest, but this can't be done every time since eventually the hero will stop listening.

Joining a Guild

Your hero/heroine will automatically join a guild on his/her own. However, you can command your hero/heroine to join a guild that you prefer.

In the remote control, use your voice of god to command your hero to join a guild by saying: join "Guild Name" guild. Replace the words "Guild Name" with you preferred guild or your hero/heroine will join the guild that is actually named "Guild Name".

The Dead Parrot Society

The Dead Parrot Society is a guild began by Reinyn as commanded by her Goddess Lena the Acrimonious. Although a small guild now, Reinyn will continue to build it and recruit members because her Goddess is so unpredictable. The guild will spread the word of the Great Goddess Lena the Acrimonious by sacrificing herring, building the Ministry of Silly Walks (where people will worship the Goddess), and freeing all the dead parrots so they may sing with the choir invisible. The guild is open to all to join: accountants, lion tamers, adventurers, housewives, and even cross-dressing lumberjacks. There are a few rules to follow in the guild including silly walking, using herrings for weapons, and freeing all the dead parrots.

Evolution (Guild)

The Evolution Guild was started by Zeroni, who has been in multiple guilds till he funded Evolution. He was originally going to name it Evilution but realized that he isn't evil so he called it Evolution, so he can adapt to the new levels of threats with others that would be willing to join him and his soon-to-be elite guild members.

How to Join

Complete the quest, it shouldn't be too hard, just that same as any other guild.