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Important.pngKnown Conflict
The introduction of looting pets (Godville Blog, post 138) has turned three existing guild totems into pets, which would normally not be possible.
Please confirm the totem status of Atomic Kitten, Battle Hamster, and Chesthugger (resolved) before removing the guild totem from their respective pages.
Please edit or remove this notice if these conflicts are correctly resolved.

In this category you will find monsters that have conflicting subtypes set in their {{Monster}} infobox.

The table below shows what combinations of types are and aren't valid for a monster.

✔️ Valid combination; ❌ Invalid combination
Strong Totem Pet Boss Beastie
Strong ✔️
Pet ✔️
Monster Euler Diagram.png
The same information as an Euler diagram. Click to enlarge.

If any monster has a combination marked with an ❌ in the above table, it will be automatically categorised here. Idealy, this category will be empty; if it is not, please investigate what conflicting parameters were set. This is most often an incorrectly set |totem= or |strong= parameter.

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