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This category lists pages that contain content that is no longer in the game. Please do not delete these articles without discussing it on the article’s talk page. Despite being removed from the game, contributions are always welcome to these pages.

A page is marked as historical using the {{Historical}} hatnote. It is strongly recommended to document or your decision on the article's talk page. A historical article should be:

  • Kept in the correct original categories
  • Linked to as usual from any relevent text in other articles (it is still a part of Godwiki and Godville history, after all)
  • Removed from any List and Omnibus articles, as these list objects that are in the game.

The {{Historical}} hatnote provides research tools to make it easier to find references to the object.

Please note that this category is not used to preserve material that was removed for the game as offensive or inappropriate material — the Godwiki is covered by the same Game Rules and Terms of Service as the rest of Godville, and has its own rules as well. Any material not compliant with these rules is removed from the Godwiki.