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Skills of Godville
Cash whistle
Type 💸Trade
Description Unknown

Due to the high frequencies created by adept users of the Cash whistle trade skill, it is impossible to get an image of someone using it without shaming the skill horrendously.

The frequencies literally pull out valuables from any camera, canvas, and memory, making masters of the Cash Whistle unimportant to all who witness it, all value taken from remembering such a major act, and impossible to record.[1]


Levels 1-5

Traders feel slight proddings in the back of their head to throw money at the offender, but throw stones instead at the source of the terrible whistling.

Levels 5-10

Traders at the center of the hero's desire mix in some larger stones into what they are throwing, sometimes even more valuable sharp objects such as maces and swords.

Levels 10-17

Faint ringing and screams layer the whistle, manifesting as a wraith and possessing objects of value within earshot; however, it can only enter through the ear drums and will not affect anything without ears, such as artifacts. As a result traders with ears will throw themselves into the hero, get into a fist fight, stranglehold, or intimate, murderous bear hug with the hero, who will hurridly cancel the operation of the Cash Whistle. The trader is often more willing to give bargains when this happens, but just to get the hero out.

Levels 17-up

The hero has discovered the golden frequencies, the legendary technique to inspire valuables to fly into their loot sacks. The Eight Great Frequencies are as follows, from low to high:

8 Greats

-From The Works Of Sir Mute-

|0: Loud Silence

    "Silence so loud, people start crying in fear"

|1: Lower Winds

    "Like an angry buffalo, the sea bucks under its weight"

|2: Lamentful Plateau

     "Monotone, sterile, like a heart not beating"

|3: Listener's Regret

     "Earplugs required"

|4: Hipster Rabble

     "Fish surface to die in lakes, traders sneeze and put wax in their ears"

|5: Heated Pinchers

      "Wildlife begins to buck and shout, and a (?) appears on the top of traders’ heads.

|6: Higher Winds

        "Strong willed individuals will burst into tears at the sound, weak willed others will have blood of pure gold come out of the mouth."

|7: Historical Shifts

         " The hero can use the skill like a combat skill on the trader, interjecting him/herself into his ancestry for a small discount, while also causing a few butterflies to implode"

Each one is described by how it affects those who listen. Your hero may learn them in different orders, but once all of them have been realized, the hero can use it to get a boon from a statue of his god, disturb the minds of traders, and sometimes, sometimes get a 10% discount.

  1. if you're wondering how any documentation even exists, we do too.