Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans

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Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans
Motto: Hop in the Spontaneously Combusting Jolly Caravan!
Alignment: dark
Date Founded: January 2018
Membership Count: 2
Forum Headquarters: Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans
Guild Page: Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans 



Come, check the brakes of your Caravan, check your tyres and headlamps, and grease up the coupling head. Leave your relatives behind and never look back as we begin the Caravansary to the Perfect Camping Site!

The Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans Guild is a guild for those whose heart is free like a bird, those who seeks freedom in the roads of the unknown. In this guild, enjoy the one-and-only feature of travelling with caravans and the ability to spontaneously combust into flames. Of course this has lead to countless damages around the Guild Hall, the Guild Campsite, the Guild Hospital, and the Guild Tavern. In fact the guild is eternally banned from visiting campsites with flammable materials nearby, such as forests, plains, meadows, and hills.

After the event, the guild's single purpose is to find the perfect Campsite, where we can sit around the campfire and spontaneously combust without a squadron of firefighters surrounding us.

So off we go, following the trail left and right, trying to find the Perfect Camping Site, recruiting people as they pass by, getting kicked from public camp sites, and destroying private camp sites. After a while, our caravansary slowly turns into a pilgrimage, forever condemned to search for the Perfect Camping Site.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own caravan, type "Join Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans Guild" and join us!


Ancient Era

Our cause has begun long ago, even before the people knew the concept of caravans nor guilds. Back then, our combustible ancestors begun their journey to find the Perfect Camp Site on camels.

Our ancestors, starting their journey on camels

Fun Fact #1 : The true descendants of the Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans are nonexistent due to our ancestors spontaneously combusts without leaving a child or two. Sometimes they spontaneously combust while sleeping under a sand pile and end up encasing themselves in a glass coffin.

Although they didn't find the Perfect Camp Site, their spirits pass on to the next generation, the Medieval Times.

Medieval Era

The next generation caravansary, riding horses and wearing special anti-combusting attire

During this generation, realizing that the numbers of the pilgrims have decreased greatly due to spontaneous combustion, our brave and valiant ancestors decides to wear an attire that was meant to prevent them from spontaneously combusting. But instead of properly prevent the spontaneous combustivity of the pilgrims, the attire turns into an oven instead, incinerating the pilgrims faster when they spontaneously combust, leaving several melted chunks of the attire.

Fun Fact #2 : Not to be confused with the crusade, the Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans doesn't involve themselves in the holy war. Although some of their act of combustivity are often described as a "Holy Calling" by the crusaders.

Still without a Perfect Camp Site, the remaining survivors of the pilgrimage pass on their spirits to the next generation, the Renaissance Era.

Renaissance Era

Depiction of several members of the caravansary during the renaissance

During this generation, the people have known the usage of gunpowders. During this age, a mass extinction of the caravan members severely crippled the movement. Some of the guild member's spontaneous combustion sets the gunpowder caravan which results in a huge explosion. With only several members left, the movement is nearing their end.

Fun Fact #3 : The idea of using gunpowder as explosives comes to the mind of the inventors after they accidentally saw a member of the Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans guild spontaneously combust near a heap of gunpowder. They also have to recover for 2 months due to the explosion before starting to invent the explosives.

Industrial Era

The whole family of the caravansary during the industrial age, utilizing trains instead of horses

During the Industrial Age, however, due to the technology of media broadcasting, the movement of Caravans of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans recieved a lot a followers, and their members grew in size. Utilizing the trend of railroads, the guild uses trains to search for the Perfect Camp Site instead, causing major damages in several train-tracks and bankruptcy in several train companies.

Fun Fact #4 : Several train damages caused by the guild members are often perceived as a fault in the engines or an act of sabotage by rival train companies, leading to a revolution and the rapid growth of the train technology.

With the sudden wind of Archeology, the guild finds a depiction of their long lost brothers.

Forgotten Era

Depiction of a forgotten branch of the caravansary

A small flashback, during the Renaissance-Industrial transition era, the movement has split into several small movements due to the frequent explosions in the main caravansary. One of the sub-movements manages to convince a whole tribe to join the movement, which actually leads into the extinction of the tribe along with the sub-movement due to them spontaneously combust into flames.

Modern Era

The present generation caravansary, holding their annual gathering before going on another journey

Welcome to the present time! With the Guild established after some Congressmans decide to make a foundation of the movement, the Guild's Base now stands somewhere in the countryside, with a campsite in which the members hold the annual camping before searching for the Perfect Camp Site. Do note that the Guild Camp Site is basically a charred-wasteland devoid of life.

The Future

Depiction of the next generation caravansary, searching the Perfect Camp Site even to worlds unknown

Some members with scientific background have predicted the possibility of venturing out from this world to another in search for the Perfect Camp Site. Utilizing now foreign alien technologies, we might one day make the dream come true.

Members of the Caravan

GodBloodstag  GodUnknown Manifested  GodChildish Gambina  GodDangitINeedAThirdAlt GodBeerus Bast  GodSogan  GodKatsuo Raiden 

Notable Members

GodVodkanium  : Founder of the movement

Guild Council

The Guild Council is a place for the members of the Caravan of Combustible Cynicals and Congressmans to chat about relevant things in their life. Sometimes, random discussions about irrelevant things are also appreciated! You can start using the GC after reaching the rank of Recruit. Other uses of the Guild Council, as written below:

Dungeoning Together = Jolly Fungeoning!

Using the Guild Council, members of the caravan can send their heroes to the dungeon together, having a small journey to find the next best thing than the Perfect Camp Site, treasure!

Fun and Games!

There is no other way to have fun than making small quizzes and games in the Guild Council. Come on down and join the fray!

Rules of the Guild Council!

  1. Be polite to fellow Guild Members
  2. No trolling
  3. Diary entries of your journey is fine, but not too much, alright?
  4. In the end, just pop your head in and say Hi, we will respond with warmth of spontaneous combustibility.