Capitalist Overlord

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Monsters of Godville
Capitalist Overlord
Phaedra opulentus
Class Overlord
Habitat banks, bourses and trading houses
Death Rattle Ah, bonus time again...
Description well groomed and wealthy

Capitalist Overlords are easily identified from other monsters that heroes are likely to encounter by their handmade shoes, tailored shirts and the most ostentatious cufflinks that a hero could ever expect to see on the battlefield.

Their world renowned "Bonus" skill can be activated by the Capitalist Overlord just once per year but when they do receive their "Bonus" it increases the monster's spending power to the point that it could single-handedly destroy the economy of the nearest town, bringing the price of booze to levels unattainable by our poor heroes.

"Kill it on sight or die thirsty." is the advice of one plucky hero who managed to deceive and destroy one such monster by means unknown, although a potato peeler was rumored to be involved.



  • Difficult to pierce with edged weapons as one usually encounters a layer of impenetrable gold coins
  • Blinds those who dare attack it with a vile stream of cigar smoke


  • Shrivels and dies if denied caviar and whiskey
  • Susceptible to attacks using the "relatively honest robbery" skill for some strange reason.

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