Burn Unit

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Burn Unit
Motto: To burn is to LIVE!
Alignment: true brightness!
Date Founded: August 2019
Membership Count: 4
Guild Page: Burn Unit 

Burn Unit is a guild in Godville, consisting mainly of it's four members: Kalsidion, Mikimo, Sunshinest8, and Vilevixen. Despite it's founding, Burn Unit had already existed long before it's creation in Godville, though as Kalsidion and his fellow gods made their way into this land, they created the guild to expand their influence.

Ironically, Burn Unit is not a guild where one treats burns; instead, burns are administered to gods and their heroes, either through sarcastic remarks or witty insults. Therefore, any members who join the guild must adhere to this tenant, and will either burn their fellow members, or be ready to be burnt themselves.