Bully Mammoth

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Monsters of Godville
Bully Mammoth
Mammuthus salaco
Class Bully
Habitat The Playground and Hallways
Description A pachyderm with bullying issues

The Bully Mammoth (Mammuthus salaco) is a monster. Don't mess wit tha Bully Mammoth cuz he'll jack you up. Bully Mammoths are the scourge of the playground. They've been known to grab an innocent's hero's underwear and give a wedgie so hard the hero flies ten milestones. Specialty moves by the Bully Mammoth include the Melvin, the Atomic Wedgie, the Bra-Connection Wedgie (connect panties to a hero's bra so it stays put), and the Hanging Wedgie.

The Bully Mammoth once teased a hero so hard the hero quit Godville, forever. But it isn't the Bully Mammoth's fault, he comes from a broken home. Of course, the Bully Mammoth's favorite movie is Mean Girls.



  • Squashes anti-bullying campaigns with one stomp of his foot
  • Really strong from wedgie lifting
  • Master of the practical joke


  • Maybe the principal's office, but not really
  • Not very tough without his friends
  • Not sure how to tease a drunk hero
  • Can't stand the taste of his own medicine

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