Bulletproof Monk (Monster)

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Not to be confused with Bulletproof monk (Equipment).
Monsters of Godville
Bulletproof Monk (Monster)
Indissolubili monachus
Class Humanoid
Habitat Temples and other places of worship
Description An ascetic that can absorb gunshots.

The Bulletproof Monk (Indissolubili monachus) is a monster that is, as the name suggests, bulletproof.

Capable of dodging a point blank shot from pistols, the bulletproof monk makes a perfect shield for low levels weary heroes needing a bodyguard, either while they rest or while traveling on an adventure. Their history isn't very widely known, but the prevailing theory states that the bulletproof monk was actually a former hero with a rather vengeful god.

Over time, due to the constant onslaught of punishments, the unfortunate hero gained the ability to deflect and absorb blows from moving objects. It wasn't long before he realized that this also protected him from physical projectiles, like arrows and bullets.

After much contemplation, he remembered that it was his god who originally blessed him this great strength, and so he decided to become a monk to further praise and thank him (although he is still hit with the occasional bolt of lightning).



  • Unbreakable spirit, from months upon months of continuous meditation.
  • Physically strong, although this isn't outwardly apparent.
  • Bulletproof. Wow, who could have guessed that one?


  • Kind of gets annoyed when random heroes interrupt his meditation just to try to hold him up and use him as a shield.
  • Has a rather negative relationship with his god, which is what led him to become a monk in the first place.
  • Gets rather irritated at all those heroes worshiping their own gods, instead of praising his.

In Diaries

!Tarintodont's diary
02:52: Filed down the Bulletproof Monk's claws so that it wouldn't be so intimidating. It gave me 9 gold coins for the manicure.