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Beasties of Godville
Gobiodon Cartoonae
Class Fish
Habitat Reefs
Description Cute, Cartoony Fish
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 1: 10-19 HP

The Bubbly (Gobiodon Cartoonae) is a small saltwater fish that lives mostly in reefs. They are a common species of fish and can be identified by their uncanny appearance that makes them look like they came straight out of a cartoon show. They even look like they were animated in a studio. Other descriptions include that it looks somewhat like a bubble and it has colored streaks on its body. It is known for sure that they are not animated because records show that this species existed long before people.

General Information

The reason why the Bubbly has its cutesy, cartoonish appearance is unknown. Some theorize that cuteness somehow warded off predators. Others believe, since the Bubbly looks a lot like a bubble, it is to make the fish look like a bubble and the cute appearance is a side effect. The second idea is the one that is believed to be the most likely answer. In its habitat, the Bubbly is a very docile creature and is, in fact, an herbivore. As an act of defense, the Bubblies will hide under coral to protect themselves from predators, and typically they consider anything larger than them a predator. This means that most of the time, people swimming and larger marine creatures are typically avoided by this fish. However, for whatever reason, if they are scuba diving, swim or crossing in their arks, heroes will be attacked by the Bubblies and there is no explanation for this strange behavior at all.

Bubblies have been considered as monsters because of their natural tendency to attack heroes. Even in captivity, if a hero approaches, they WILL try to attack said hero. Recently, large amounts of research about the mysterious hostility towards heroes have been made and are concluding that, somehow, the smell of beer makes the Bubblies more agitated. In fact, a sober hero is less likely to be attacked by a bubbly than those who frequent taverns. However, there has been research that suggests otherwise, so the idea is still widely questioned and should be taken with a grain of salt.



  • Cuteness makes enemies feel guilty
  • Extremely common
  • Hides in corals as an act of defense
  • Somewhat quick


  • Easily defeated
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