Bravest Frontier Hunters

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Welcome to the The Bravest Frontier Hunters!

Bravest Frontier Hunters
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 25,172 c.u. c.u.
Date Founded: January 1st 2015
Membership Count: ~213
Town with Greatest Influence: None (0%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 8428
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 250
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 604
Guild Page: Bravest Frontier Hunters 

Previous Members

  • MrLeeds
  • Riwl08
  • Saturn Black Bear
  • StokeMyWillie
  • Aidraine
  • Aphriel
  • Mannimar
  • ChuckingNorris
  • Vox Valentus
  • Cryotheus
  • Leptis
  • MasterVoidManifester
  • PotatoSaur
  • Baverage

Current Members

(Cardinal and above)

  • The Green Mage {Sir Pluto}
  • Dropdud {Dumat}
  • TRabbottx {Svlad Cjelli}
  • Krakkenbones {TheMollusk}
  • Sonaro {Spunty}
  • Kokinos {Kid Kokinos}
  • Ilvan Arriesh {Helver}
  • Sebira {Isaaru}
  • Strakcha {Arlette Dweller}
  • Antoinetheswan {FuriousGeorge}
  • Darkstrong {Darkstrong}
  • Walli {Passt Scho}
  • Malignatus {Malocalypse}
  • KingOz {SnoCold}
  • Tobias S {Tom Bombadillion}
  • Sirbadassius {lordofthesand}
  • Lillepjusk {Pjusk}
  • Random Grevoon {Comperon0838}
Emblem of a Bravest Hunter...

Guild History

MrLeeds' Chronicle

Long ago, a simple hero began using the wisdom of his god and he made his way in the world. A few months passed and our hero grew lonely, that is when his god descended upon him. A pillar of fire flew from the heavens with such might that the air shook around our hero and he fell down. However the pillar quickly faded and instead stood a man dressed in a simple brown tunic. The god turned to the young hero and smiled, tossing six emblems of a wolf to the startled young man. And then he was gone, in the blink of an eye. Turning over the emblems he found the enscription "Fortissimus Finibus Fenatores" and he knew what he had to do. Rushing back to Godville, he found five of his childhood friends over a span of several days and gave them each an emblem to help him form the guild. With their few numbers they were able to gain enough renown to be sought after by older and newer adventurers alike.

However, slowly as time went on, the original members grew weary of how small the guild was in comparison to older guilds and left their badges back to the founder. Devastated, the founder halted his progress for a long time. That was until, he realized how childish he was acting. Returning to the guild bar in Godville, he found that some other high ranking members and began a true construction of the guild.

Starting with this chronicle.

Vox Valentus

The Bravest Frontier Hunters began as a simple guild, with a few loyal members. But as new members joined, the small guild grew in popularity, welcoming in new blood to replace those who had left. After the several elections, guild member Vox Valentus rose to power as the leader. The guild prospered under Vox's leadership, until they moved on to bigger and better endeavors, splitting off to created a new guild, the Band of the Red Hand.