Brain dilution

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Skills of Godville
Brain dilution
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Don't ask too many questions!

Have you ever been put off your game by a display of farcical ineptitude by another player? That's how the Brain Dilution skill works.

A Hero acts with such breathtakingly clumsy incompetence that the monster's brain just goes 'gaaahhh' and attempts to dribble out of its ears.

The Hero is of course oblivious to his own incompetence and can take advantage of the monster's impaired state of mind in the normal way.


Level 1-5

  • The Hero swings and misses with such childish abandon that the monster is momentarily reminded of his own childhood.

Level 6-10

  • The Hero drops his sword or trips over a shoelace and the monster is overcome with uncontrollable laughter.

Level 11-20

  • The Hero mistakes some random artifact for his weapon and the monster begins to daydream of all the things that have gone wrong in its life, that it should be reduced to fighting such incompetence.

We managed to put a Hero with this ability in our synchrotron and graphed it as below...


Level 21+

  • Combinations of the above, with further haplessness too terrifying to record actually begin to cause a phase change in the monster's brain, and depending on the surface tension of the brain fluid and the diameter of the auditory canal, significant quantities of brain matter can emerge.

We managed to put a Hero with this ability in our synchrotron and graphed it as below... just before he exploded.