Bottle of liquid courage

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Artifacts of Godville
Bottle of liquid courage
Type 🧷Normal
Description Every good story starts with one of these.

A bottle of liquid courage is basically a bottle filled with a heavy alcoholic drink acting as an artifact of Godville.


It differs from one bottle to another, but overall is just a glass bottle filled with an alcoholic concoction called "courage".

This brew is basically all the liquors and juices a (generously called) blender can put together mixed somehow evenly. It's usually served at bars, unsurprisingly hero/ines are almost the only ones to ask for it.

I say almost because there are other high-tier alcoholics like Drinkerella who can't go on a single day without their bottle. The main goal of this drink is not to have a great taste (it doesn't) but rather to flood one's organism with booze.

Though this can easily lead to etilic intoxication, if the drinker can withstand it, they can do barely anything. Or at least feel like they can.

What "courage" can help you with?

  • No mountain will be too high or risky, no matter if it is a tree on the park or a a six story building. If you can empty the bottle, you can make the top.
  • When you are filled with "courage", no fighter will be able to bring you down. No pain and no rest, sting like a missile and float like an eagle!
  • A to B, period. No storms, hurricanes, landslides, earthquakes or volcanos will make any difference. "Courage" makes traveling barely effortless.
  • Left, right, right, left. Your moves will be so sharp that not even gods could do it better. Dance competitions are done for, as long as you have the "courage".

Secondary Effects may include

  • Injuries of all kinds, ranging from scratches and bruises to internal bleeding and member loss.
  • Unbelievable amounts of embarrassment after the effects wear out.
  • Unwanted Compromises; economical, social, romantic and/or legal.
  • Bills beyond your mathematical knowledge, wanton is expensive.

Consume with moderation

Many dangers lurk inside every bottle of "courage". The HCH recommends moderate consumption of this substance to avoid its more harmful aspects. Moderation is advised to anyone. Even hero/ines, especially hero/ines.