Bottle of beer from a wall

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Artifacts of Godville
Bottle of beer from a wall
Type 🧷Normal
Value 50
Description Discarded beer bottle.

A Bottle of beer from a wall is an artifact that can be found in numberless quantities throughout Godville.


Owing to the notorious thirst of heroines and the resulting proliferation of taverns and breweries, no standard description of this artifact can be given. They can be found on the trail between milestones where a heroine has broken into their emergency beer rations in a moment of need. Occasionally a keen bottle collector will find a windfall at the point where a heroine has managed to successfully get through all the verses of β€œ99 bottles of beer on the wall!”


Seemingly of little utility at first glance, these bottles have many uses to the monsters of Godville. Among other things, they can be found serving as candle-holders in lairs, trap bait for passing heroines, and of course, re-used as beverage containers. Bottles in superb condition are sought out by the fair folk for long term storage of the finest batches of fairy ale in preference to skin bags.


Uses in the mundane world are limited owing to the easy availability of other containers. Traders however are keen to take these off the hands of a heroine as they do have some resale value. The fans of a famous heroine are always willing to pay a premium for any item connected to their idol, no matter how spurious it is. There is also a subculture of breweriana collectors on the lookout for that last rare bottle to finish their collection from β€œThe Drunken Clam”. At a pinch, the enterprising trader can always remove the label and pass off some snake oil as a healing artifact to a gullible heroine.

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