Bottle labeled “Drink me”

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Artifacts of Godville
Bottle labeled “Drink me”
Type 💊Healing
Description Totally trustable.

The Bottle labeled "drink me" is a healing artifact. A hero drinks the contents and usually gains 45 to 180 health points. Bottles labeled "drink me" are available at most merchants for prices ranging from 75 to 225 gold coins.

The contents in the bottle have a layered and distinct taste. Upon first hitting a hero's tongue, it tastes like cherry-pineapple custard tarts, then it begins to taste like roast turkey, then it hints at toffee, and lastly, has a hot buttered toast aftertaste.

The ingredients and production process are a closely guarded trade secret of the Buy Me Drinkie, Inc., company headquartered in Beerburgh. So far as is known, only three people know the complete formula for the contents--the CEO, the Chairman of the Board, and the chemist who invented the formula. The only known documented production process is purportedly stored in a secret vault fifteen stories below ground level accessible by forty-two layers of security. To open the vault, a retina scan of two of the three persons with knowledge of the formula must be performed.

Independent chemists have identified eight distinct ingredients including poppy seed, Cremini mushrooms, earthworm fat, horsefly urine, butter, monster finger, gold, and queen saliva.

Side effects may include drastic changes in height.