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Artifacts of Godville
Boss monster plushie
Type 🧷Normal
Description "Your fearsome plushie pal!" — Evil Corporation advertising slogan

The boss monster plushie is a plushie of your favorite boss monsters. Whether it be a Mad Clown or a Tinkerhell, it is all available in several stores across Godville.

These plushies are produced by the Evil Corporation and funnily enough they are created in a very evil way. This artifact, which is so beloved by heroes, is created by shrinking defeated boss monsters and dipping them into a vat of plushiness potion, creating the plushies we all know and love.

The problem is that after a while the effects on the boss monsters wear off. There are several reports of heroes going to sleep with their favorite plushies and then waking up to find a very angry and fluffy version of a boss monster in their bed trying to chop their heads off. Best to sell these artifacts, rather than get too attached to them.