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Water made faint splashing sounds as a lone girl ran down a rain slicked cobbled street. She kept to the darkest shadows, and looked over her shoulder multiple times. Although the dark night sky appeared fitfully through tattered clouds, there were no stars. The harsh glare from the orange lights of the city blocked any light from the sky, along with the never ending smog that lay like a blanket over everything, stretching out in every direction. The girl was beautiful, with long flowing dark hair and deep stormy green eyes. She clutched something underneath her clothes, protecting it from the dampness of the air. She knew it would save her, make her famous beyond her imagination. She could have anything she wanted; she would be the wealthiest person in the city. It hadn’t been easy getting it in her possession. She was fairly certain her hands were covered with dried blood, but she didn’t stop to check; she had to get far away from this place. To the other side of the city, she had decided. As she hurried along, trying to remember the route she had planned, a boy waited, lurking in the shadows at the entrance to a dark alley. The girl sharply turned the corner into the alley. The boy jumped out of the shadows. Metal flashed in the dull streetlights, and with a small gasp the girl collapsed onto the wet ground. Liquid seeped around her body, something darker than the water around her. The boy crouched down, searching the girl’s clothes until his hand closed around a hard object clutched in the girl’s stiff fingers. He pulled it out, his hand lingering, his fingers brushing against hers. He had known this girl. A flash of guilt swept through his mind, but he pushed it away. He straightened up and walked down the alley. He turned back once and looked at the girl, sadness in his eyes. She looked small lying there, unmoving on the ground. He took in a deep breath, turned around, and disappeared into the shadows. Then BATMAN appearred!!