Boneless Skeleton

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Monsters of Godville
Boneless Skeleton
Class Undead
Habitat The Abandoned Theme Park
Artifact Thigh bone
Description Spooky scary

The boneless skeleton is a monster.

It used to be a normal skeleton, but one day, it forgot its head at home. And its legs. And its hands, and so on. The boneless skeleton looks like a bunch of cartilage that has been smashed together into a bone-like shape. This monster is actually pretty weak, but it looks terrifying. It makes it's home in the abandoned theme park. It occasionally gets stuck up the ferris wheel, where its earth-shattering screams can be heard for miles around.


It was originally part of Death's large army, created through his most recent technique: Kickstarter. The funds were minute, so this army was created with impurities that made it surpassingly brittle and weak. Thus, they were let loose to become freelance monsters.


  • Structurally unsound
  • Technically dead


  • Looks absolutely horrifying to any hero unfortunate enough to stumble upon it
  • Soft body, which allows it to absorb most blows from blunt weapons
  • Dreams of one day becoming the king of all skeletons, including those still inside unfortunate heroes


  • Not very structurally sound, as it tends to occasionally collapse into a heap of mush
  • Can be confused by pointing out its inherent contradiction, providing an opening for a stealthy hero to sneak away
  • Afraid of being cooked into a Russian jelly from hell
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