Blue Ray

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Monsters of Godville
Blue Ray
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Class Ray
Habitat Open Sky, Outer Space
Totem for Blue Sun Travel ⚜️ 
Description Light-absorbing Ray

The Blue Ray (Manta Caeruleus) is a monster that was created from the intense ultraviolet light emitted by distant supernovae. Drifting from star to star, a small number of the species eventually found their way to Godville.


Blue Rays appear similar to Manta Rays in shape. Their bodies are slightly translucent and of no singular colour. Shades of deepest blue, grey, green, and purple ripple across their backs in gradients reminiscent of outer space; their underbellies glow a soft white-blue that blends in with Godville’s sky. Three tails trail out from their backs, spangled with stars, and their eyes are tiny blue suns.

Each Blue Ray bears a unique pattern of shallow indents and pits that form a tight, continuous spiral on its back. Legend has it that scanning this pattern with a blue laser will produce a video in glorious HD documenting everything the Ray has ever seen.


Blue Rays feed on starlight, and their sizes vary depending on their diet. The larger ones are occasionally mistaken for alien spacecraft by the planets orbiting their chosen star. Unfortunately, the light from Godville’s yellow sun is relatively weak in intensity, and the Rays of Godville tend to grow no larger than the average ark. Those lucky enough to earn a Blue Ray’s respect can ride the creatures into battle like some sort of majestic, marine magic carpet.


Blue Rays are incredibly resilient and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, from the scorching heat of a supernova to the cold vacuum of space. They also appear to lack any discernible mass, instead giving the impression of hard light upon contact.

In short, they’re pretty hard to kill.

Their offensive abilities are limited to the absorption of light. An irate Blue Ray will shadow annoying heroes, leeching the light from around them and making them gloomy. It is also possible for a Ray to temporarily blind a hero (by continuously absorbing all of his surrounding light) but this bulk intake of light often results in indigestion. Provided the hero can remain still until the Blue Ray gives up, no harm should befall him. Most Blue Ray fatalities occur because the hero insists on running away and then promptly falls over the nearest cliff.



  • Extreme resilience, can survive in any environment
  • Annoys heroes by absorbing light
  • Stays out of range of the hero's attacks
  • Very pretty


  • Gets indigestion if too much light absorbed at once
  • Lack of mass means it cannot physically injure the hero
  • Needs light to survive