Blue Occult Öyster

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Monsters of Godville
Blue Occult Öyster
Class Harbinger
Habitat Batrachian bogs and Stygian depths
Totem for Esoteric Order of d'Eggon ⚜️ 
Description Unassuming bivalve exerting hidden influence. Revealed by the luminescent rune-inscribed pearls secreted within its shell.

The Blue Occult Öyster (Cultösaurus molluskus) is a rare and subtle monster that keeps secret watch over members of the Esoteric Order of d'Eggon.


The reason Blue Occult Öyster is rare and subtle because it is often hunted by adventurers to make pearl jam. Some merchants even make it a quest for adventurers to hunt it, promising gold bricks or logs. Pearl jam, which can be extracted from this monster, is nutritious and delicious. Usually pearl jam is eaten with bread and oyster sauce. Pearl jam also can be used as jewelry. The beauty of it is on par with diamond but it is unsuitable in hot environments. According to some rumor, this pearl jam is highly valued and essential in some esoteric occult ritual. But no one knows nor understands how to use it in rituals, including those esoteric occult people.

The Blue Occult Öyster was hunted almost to the point of extinction until a party of adventurers, while hunting it, decided that breeding it is more profitable in the long term than killing it on the spot. This group, according to the rumor, was also the first group to use it as a part of the ritual of their order. Most of the Blue Occult Öysters are kept in a secret place. But there are some Blue Occult Öysters released into the wild by their order. The reason for this is unknown.



  • Tabasco affinity


  • Poor conversationalist