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The following stories are a result of the Feb/Mar 2016 Blue Feather Guild Origin Story Contest

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Blue Feather guild origin story

Late one unseasonably warm spring night, the Blue Feather members and their friends gathered around a large fire to enjoy good food, pints of Righteous Royal Blù, and great company. In the spirit of the evening, Goddess GodUrsina  offered a toast, "Without Blue Feather, many of us wouldn't be together tonight. Friends, I don't know how this all started, but I would like to raise a glass to that moment, to Blue Feather!"

"To Blue Feather!" everyone cheered.

"So, how did this all start anyway?" GodUrsina  asked.

A silence fell upon the group as each person began to wonder how the guild, that brought so many of us together, came to be. It is known that a guild cannot exist without a beginning and it stands to reason that an epic guild, such as Blue Feather, should have an epic beginning. It now fell to the greatest storytellers in the group to weave the tale of how the Blue Feather guild began and each were ready to take their turn...

GodZeek's Story


Here's a tale that has long been forgotten about our beloved Arctic Firebird.

Back in times when warlocks grew beards and magic ruled supreme. Before the battles for charges and fame, there was a fierce battle between the Mystical Blue Fire Bird and the First God.

“He who owns the world shall govern Men and the price shall be a single mystical seed that may grant the ruler anything he or she desires.” So the battle grew to large proportion and many other lesser gods rallied behind The First hoping to cash in on charges. It was a tremendous battle and In the end, it was the Blue Fire Bird that won.

Fatally wounded he made a wish and perish into the light. All that was left was a single Blue Feather and a scroll inscribed that with the birth of man, he would be their protector in the darkest of times and would be there for them always, need they ever call on to Him, The Arctic Firebird.

High king of undies' Story

GodHigh king of undies 

One day a brutally beaten hero crawled out of a cave, defeated by an angry family of dust bunnies. The hero’s strength faded. Summoning his last bit of strength he begged his god to heal his wounds. There was no answer.

As he drifted in and out of consciousness, a silhouette of a bird landed in front of him, taking one of its own feathers and laid it in front of the hero before flying off again.

The feather shined with a soothing blue glow. The hero reached for the feather. When his fingers touched the blue glow the small cuts on his fingers started to heal.

The hero treated his most fatal wounds using the feather until the blue glow vanished and just the blue feather remained.

Hoping to meet the mysterious who saved his life once more, the hero founded the Blue Feather guild. Believing that his saviour would visit him again.

The blue feather which saved the founder’s life is still put on display in the Blue Feather guild hall.

Matusmanis' Story


Before the age of Gods and Heroes there was the age of Monsters, but that changed when the Godville Administrators had the idea of creating heroes and letting the gods rule the world. Shortly thereafter, came conflict. Monsters, angry with the change, sought to destroy not only heroes, but the entire realm of mankind. The monsters united and prepared their attack.

Of all the monsters, there was but one breed who opposed the destruction of mankind, the breed known as the Arctic Firebird, regal in both temperament and its distinctive blue feathers. It knew that all ages end and that the time had come for Gods and Heroes to mark their place in the history of Godville. The rest of monster-kind would hear no objections, incensed with the end of their age they could not be stopped. Unable to reason with monster-kind, when the battle began, the mightiest and most noble of the Arctic Firebird sacrificed itself to stop the others. So total was the Arctic Firebird’s sacrifice, it could not be resurrected or reborn. All that remained was the shame felt by monster-kind for its errant pride and a single blue feather from the Arctic Firebird’s embers. Save for monster-kind, the only witnesses to the battle were the fairies, who took the feather and hid it away in a cave to preserve the memory of what happened so that when the time was right, a worthy hero or heroine might know the truth of their salvation.

At last the age of Gods and Heroes began and heroes and heroines started to walk the lands and battle monsters to earn their right to drink beer. One day a hero ventured into a cave, as heroes often do, and found it full of strange fairies. After some exploration he found the most magnificent blue feather. Thinking it was some kind of artifact he took it. Strangely, it radiated vast amounts of positive energy and when hero reached the town, unbelievably, he could not bring himself to sell it. Thinking it was a sign from his god, he returned it to the cave in the mountain with all the strange fairies and decided to live there. It was then that the fairies knew he was worthy of the secret that they held.

Soon other heroes were drawn to cave of the blue feather, some on their own and others sent there by their gods or goddesses. The living places soon expanded into a vast mansion. Though their numbers were already large and still growing, they did not know what to call themselves and so they asked the finder of the feather for guidance. Knowing the story of the Arctic Firebird, but sworn to secrecy, he sought to give honour in the only way he know how, “Blue Feather” was his response. Over time, under the unknown influence of the blue feather, the heroes and heroines of Blue Feather guild became one of the brightest and most positive in the whole of Godville, though none could explain the transformation. Even more curious was strange fairies that continued to help and guide them.

When the finder of the feather felt his time was coming to an end, under the instruction of the fairies, he asked the other members to choose his successor. At first there was resistance, the members did not want him to go, but the positive influence of the blue feather was strong and the Arctic Firebird’s lesson that all ages must pass for new beginnings to occur was felt even if it was not known. At last they chose a leader and, knowing the they were worthy, the finder of the feather shared the history of the feather and its secret powers with the new leader.

Time has way of changing secrets. Some secrets are passed from campfire to campfire until their embellished descendants become legends. Other secrets are passed in hushed voices with vague references becoming rumours. Most secrets become forgotten. The secret of the blue feather became all three. The story of the Arctic Firebird’s sacrifice has become a legend to heroes and heroines today and out of respect, totem monsters are honoured by the Blue Feather guild. The true powers of the blue feather; however, are rumoured, having never been proven, perhaps because the true location of the ancient blue feather is a mystery to the guild, a secret long forgotten. Or has it?

Today, members speculate that the finder of the feather knew that the symbol of the blue feather would live on, but the power would need to be preserved and, like the fairies before him, he hid the feather. He told only the incoming leader of the Blue Feather guild where it was hidden, and it carries on today, a secret told from a leader to a leader. Rumors spoken between newer members of the guild suggest the strange feather may lay hidden in vaults buried deep beneath the mansion.

Strong Soul's Story

GodStrong Soul 

It was raining so hard that day. The water was a blatant reminder just how doomed everyone was. It had been ten days since anyone in Godville had seen the sun. The clouds were so thick that the only light was from the covered lamps posted about the city. Everyone jumped in unison when a loud Thunderclap sounded throughout the walls and buildings. But no one could blame them for being on edge. Many townsfolk had been going missing these days, ever since the thunderstorm rolled in.

The only explanation for the phenomenon was someone who had claimed to have seen a giant blue bird sweep down and carry a man away in its talons. No one believed him of course. Until now. With more and more people trying to leave and coming back with stories of a frightening blue monsters telling them they must stay in the city, the only thing left to think was that the man had been telling the truth. The man, unknown to anybody in town who were all too busy worrying about their businesses and lives, was named Gruyere1; although the very few friends he’d had in his past called him Gru. He was a rash young man growing up. And as much as his parents had hoped he would, he had never really grown out of it. Even now he was being rash, which he was more than aware of. The townsfolk had called him crazy when he told them the story of the bird that snatched his only friend. They had even laughed at his tales. Gru simply couldn’t believe the names he was being called and nothing could measure the shame he felt of just standing there and taking it. He had wanted so bad right then to reach out and fight them, but even with his large frame and six foot four size he knew he couldn’t take all of them. When he had walked away holding his head down just a little he had made up his mind. He needed his friend back. Maybe he just wanted a little to prove those people wrong. So, without further hesitation, he grabbed his hiking gear and headed west, the way he had seen has friend carried. Not five minutes into his trek he stumbled across a large sword in a stone. “I could use that.” He thought as he reached and pulled it out. It seemed a little aged but if it could stab a stone Gru was sure it could stab a monster. Another twenty four hours of slowly and painfully hiking through the mud and the rain and Gru finally reached something. It was a strange object that looked like a giant icy nest. the ground around it was covered in snow; There were sharp icicles poking out in every direction, with blue fire coming out the end of each one. Giving the nest a eerie glow. A sense of foreboding came over Gru and for the first time on this journey, probably for the first time in his life, Gru was questioning his decision on travelling here. The nest stood about fifteen feet high and was made of thick broken trees frozen in ice to hold them in place. Before Gru could turn back (not that he was planning on doing such a thing) The giant blue bird came down into its nest holding another victim. The wind from the creature’s wings nearly knocked Gru of his feet and kicked up snow into his eyes. When it finally settled. The bird was looking right at him. Everything in Gru’s being told him to run in that moment. The only thing holding him there was the woman in the bird’s grasp. He didn’t know her, in fact the only woman he knew was his mother, but the words of his father ran through his head “Son. Women ain’t helpless, but it’s still our job to do something when they’re in danger.” Gru whispered this as he thought of his father. Each word staking him to the ground so he couldn’t run. He hardly noticed the cold chill that followed the bird as he began sweating profusely just staring at its gaze. “Why Have You Come?” It shouted in a deep voice that made the snow vibrate. “I..I..I came kill you!” Gru tried to say with confidence, but he couldn’t hide the quivering In his voice. He held up the sword. “Hahahaha…” It’s laugh was even more demeaning than that of l the townsfolk. “Much Bigger Men Have Tried To Kill Me With Much Bigger Swords Than That!” “D..did they succeed?” Gru asked trying to figure out his chances. The monster gave him a funny look that Gru decided was a definite No.

With a grunt, Gru charged the creature with all his might. The bird jumped back causing a small gale, but Gru was hoping it would do just this and grabbed the woman it had left in the nest and told her to run. She pointed to the others Gru hadn’t noticed, all tied and gagged lying in the nest. “You untie the others I’ll distract the bird!” He called. Without waiting for her to speak he charged the monster again. “You Will Not Be Given Mercy This Day” It shouted; narrowly avoiding Gru’s sword as it did so. Then with a swift movement it swung it’s talon and tore into Gru’s arm. To say this burned like fire was a understatement and Gru would have dropped his sword right then if it hadn’t been for the people still left in the nest. He could hear them shouting in urgency as they hurried to untie each other. So he fought the pain and the bird and took another swing. After five minutes of barely staying alive, Gru took a slash to the chest and went down hard. As his sword left his grip and slid across the snow he knew that this was the end of the fight. With a deep breath he accepted his fate. The monster drew back it’s talons for the final blow. Gru had nothing left to fight with anyway so he found the creature’s eyes and gave it a nod and a small smile. Then he closed his eyes and braced. A moment later he opened his eyes to find that nothing had happened. He stared up into the confused face of the creature. “Why Do You Give Up Now?” It asked. “Because I’ve done what I could.” Gru said unwavering. “And if I’ve saved any of their lives today, it was enough.” He looked over to the nest to find all of the hostages untied and staring at him as if for a prompt. “Go, Run!” He shouted. But they just stood there until Gru’s friend stepped forward and began clapping, The rest of the group soon followed. Gru was speechless, He couldn’t understand what they were doing. The giant bird lifted off of him. And stood beside the group of captives. "What’s going on?” Gru shouted as he stood. “Your Confusion Is Only More Evidence Of Your Worthiness.” The creature said calmly. “Let Me Welcome You To Our Little Group. I Am The Arctic Firebird, And They Are The Start Of The Blue Feather Guild. You Could Be Their Leader, Should You Choose To Accept this Offer. Congratulations On Being The Bravest Soul I Have Ever Seen.” "B..but…wh….what…Ugh?” Gru’s friend stepped forward again “It was all a test Gru.” He put his hand on Gru’s shoulder, “We needed a brave leader so we waited for someone to come face the Arctic Firebird and to be frank when I saw you coming up the mountain I could barely believe my eyes. But then you even gave us a speech and I knew you were the one. So….. will you be the first leader of the Blue Feather guild?” Gru let out a sigh and looked his friend deep in the eyes. Then he smiled. “You’re a madman, Mike. But… alright. If that’s what this was about then I’ll agree to it on the condition that You!” He pointed to the Arctic Firebird. “Make it stop raining.” “The Rain Will Leave When I Do.” It replied. “OK then, I’ll do it.” Cheers broke out among the members and Gru shook hands with all of them. “I Leave You In Good Hands. Now Stay In The Path Of Brightness, My Children.” With a gust of freezing wind, the Arctic Firebird took off into the sky. Tears were shed as they watched the clouds dispersed and he flew west into the sunset. When he was out of sight, Gru noticed the light glinting off of something on the ground. He bent down and picked up a Blue Feather and studied it. “So what now?” Mike asked him. Gru looked back towards the sunset and said “I think we should find the fairies.” THE END.

Overthought's Story


Once upon a time, when dinosaurs reigned the earth and humans couldn’t be in any stories as they didn’t yet exist, a lone Tyrannosaurus-Rex was hunting. Luckily, this has nothing to do with out story, as then I’d have to use icky words like “kill”, “blood” and “shoes”. No, our story starts many years later (I can’t count how many years! I’ll try for my readers though. Let’s see: one, two… Oh I give up!).

In the time that was then known as “now” and is now known as “then” a blank emptiness filled the online space that would one day be called godville. Then suddenly, in a blast of text, a small 0 appeared and expanded exponentially. This 0 would be the first milestone of Godville, and the marker of it’s capital. Because this place was called Godville, and logic played no part in this creation, a God appeared.

Of course, this God was lazier then the average Omnomnomnivore once full (which also appeared in a burst of spontaneous creation), this God decided that he wouldn’t have anything to do with this “Godville” asides from having a fool that would run around in his name and collect junk. The fool was not content simply collecting junk and soon started boozing and pretending to go on wild quests, which he wrote about extensively in his diary, adding in lots of epic fights with monsters and lightning bolts. He even got bored with this after awhile, so he went to the quest-giver, who made up quests for a drink, and asked him for the most epic quest that ever was. The man’s eyes light up, he could get a lot of beer from this fool. So he told the fool to go find a holy relic or something, and then took all of his money.

The hero, exited at this prospect, searched the whole tavern for this relic before giving up and writing nonsense in his diary while drinking. That night, when the fool had fallen asleep on a street corner, as drunk ad anything, he had the most amazing dream: the things he wrote in his diary were actually true! He adventured all across the land, slayed innocent monsters joyfully and of course, took considerable damage himself. He then collapsed from the injuries in his dream and sunk into a deeper state of unconsciousness.

In this dream within a dream, he dreamed of something even more crazy then his first dream. He was in a cave, surrounded by magical blue things and floating high above was a magical looking blue feather. He knew that this was the holy relic, so, since he had found it, he was done. He awoke (out of the dream within the dream into the first dream) completely healed. When he awoke into the real world, he found that he didn’t even have a hangover!

Suddenly, a bunch of other gods and goddesses with their matching fools appeared out of nowhere because they were needed for the purpose of this story. He told them of the magical blue feather and they too soon partook in these epic quests, getting insanely drunk and writing gibberish in their diaries.

No one else ever managed to achieve that state of drunkenness and insanity of the first fool that was needed to find the blue feather, but never the less, others were attracted to this legend. The first fool soon had a following, a cult. They named themselves Blue Feather due to a sheer lack of creativity and caring. The numbers of this cult grew dramatically over time as they gathered around a bar table and wrote in their diaries, drinking all the while.

They’ve now grown so much that they have their own tavern, but no one since that first fool has ever seen that blue feather again. In fact, everybody just agrees that the fool was drunk and it’s no wonder that he had weird dreams. Nevertheless, they think the name Blue Feather sounds cool, so they stick with it.

Hanz24's Story


In the olden days world was ruled by the gods of the light they ruled fairly and contained the evil darkness at bay. Then the darkness was released from its prison by an unknown force and made monsters to take over the land. The gods tried to stop them but failed miserably. One by one the gods fell into the grip of the darkness serving it for all eternity. Then the last god of the light made a plan to save the world from the darkness, using all of his strength he created a band of heroes that would defeat the darkness. These heroes and founders would get their orders from his pet phoenix, a blue phoenix to be exact. After he made the heroes he went to rest, gave his phoenix his orders never seen again.

The heroes obeyed the phoenix commands and followed it wherever it goes, they knew couldn't fight the darkness alone, so one day they asked the phoenix to allow them to assemble an army, an army of heroes like them to defeat the darkness and free the gods of light and bring the world back to order, so the phoenix agreed. And they assembled an army, an army called blue feather to honor the phoenix. One day the castle they used to train got attacked. they beat back the attackers and then the heroes asked the phoenix for advice on what they should do next he said “it is time, assemble your heroes and prepare for a battle, a battle that will be be remembered through the ages, a battle of epic proportions, I command you bring a lamb that is well fed and kill it with one strike so the animal doesn't die in agony and suffering. clean the carcass using the techniques of old, then sacrifice it in the sacrificial fire.”

“Why hassle the time to do that” a hero said.

“To please my master so he may bestow his blessing upon you” said the phoenix

They do what the phoenix said and prepared for battle.

The army heads to the east hoping to confront the darkness army. They spot the army and prepare to attack. the battle was gruesome and bloody, the darkness was winning from the start but the heroes manage to strike back under poor odds. Some say it was the god’s help that made them win, others say it it's luck but one thing is certain, they won the battle and defeated the darkness. But the darkness did not ever give up, it kept sending sending monsters to the world even after the war so it was our duty to keep them back, even with that the world was at peace and with our guild continuing the duties of founders to protect the world from evil and corruption.

Stockholm syndrome's Story

GodStockholm syndrome 

chapter 1

" the time he smoked" the mysteries of blue feather guild is a shroud, the only knowledge that has survived is a snippet about a wandering hero finding a feather from an Arctic Firebird. the feather energized the hero,and many heroes banded together to search for more revitalizing feathers. now the god Stockholm syndrome(S.Syn) was pondering these early events,he took out an object he had been saving for some time. it was a small cigarette wrapped in the bluest,deepest,most blue blue rolling paper. a color of blue that made Syn’s eyes water and head start to swim.“where did I get this from?” he asked himself…caring less and less as the blue within blue color overrode all his other senses." (smoke me)" the blue seemed to say and Syn did.

chapter 2

“the time he had a vision” Syn smoked that blue upon blue cigarette and wow did his head spin." is my head spinning or is the world revolving around me quickly?“. Syn remembered from his fathers teachings” the world doesn’t revolve around you son!" so by process of elimination he determined it must be his head doing the spinning. to calm himself,Syn sat in his favorite chair and pulled out a book.“Purchase, his Pilgrims, or Relations of the World and Religions Observed in All Ages and Places Discovered, from the Creation to the Present”, by the English clergyman and geographer Samuel Purchase************a little light reading should help he fell into a dream, no a trance,a trance that had a blue hue,no the bluest hue. a blue hue so blue…as blue a hue as floppy bunniess are cute. bunny cute hue. i mean blue. ok. and what happens next can only be described by Syn as “probably real true events”through this blue hue,you,or,you would have seen this too.Syn saw the hero find the feather (spoiler: the feather was blue) saw the energy pour into that early hero and felt that energy course through him too!!! " my heart is beating like a 3 charge duel vs #1" Syn thought,if he could think at all because the images were flowing into him,ancient images(is blue feather really before wifi!?!?)(wait no just before Stockholm syndrome HAD wifi still waaaaayyyyy back when Syn still got Netflix in the MAIL!) all the history flooded into Syn and he awoke with a start.

chapter 3

"the time he couldn’t find a pen"Stockholm syndrome bounced out of his chair,searching for a pen.

chapter 4

"the time he got a pm"after a long long (looooong) time of looking for a pen, suddenly"AH HA FOUND IT" Syn ate the snickers bar with relish.“glad I found that candy bar,my blood sugar was low” Syn then found a pen by the notebook by his bed and began writing furiously to record his vision.“In a cave did blue feather hero; A stately pleasure-dome decree :Where Alph, the sacred river, ran Through caverns measureless to manDown to a sunless sea”this is his first 5 lines then it continues" hey!! in my vision all the people look like the people in blue feather now?!?! I see Sparty On was there so was @Neon-A @Kittennoodlesoup @Ursina @Geof th bald @Okita @Skylar Starlet @Strong SoulCatdragon Oriol El Gran @Saturio andWerut Arona The Alt @ParthenogenesisLionSpacePrincess and more!!!! all 516 blue feathers all dressed as clowns!!! the poem contines -Wait what?" Syn said and just as the first hero ,the one who picked up the original blue feather stepped up and proclaimed "Ill explain this so it makes sense…its really very simple…just then a crazy thing happened,as Syn was about to write those wondrous words,from his Vision of what the original blue feather hero was about to say a personal message came through!Syn read the message but as he went back to the poem ALAS! The vision was shattered and the last of the blue cigarette had been smoked.Stockholm syndrome wanted to cry then laughed and laughed,because he was still a little buzzed from his vision @ursina had pm’d Stockholm syndrome in answer to his earlier question. her pm read

ENTERTAIN URSINA WITH A STORY CONTEST The story goes, this is how our guild began: It fails to entertain me! So here is where you come in. Entertain me with a story in the forum ( about the origins of our guild. Try to keep details consistent with what we have now, but slight alterations are probably okay. Feel free to expand. No word limit. Go crazy with chapters if you want to. DEADLINE IS MARCH 14TH. TWO DAYS LEFT. Winner gets 22 charges and story goes in the above-mentioned section of the wiki. Stories to be voted on by the guild starting March 15th.


" the poem in full".“In a cave did blue feather hero; A stately pleasure-dome decree :Where Alph, the sacred river, ranThrough caverns measureless to manDown to a sunless sea”" hey!! in my vision all the people look like the people in blue feather now?!?! I see @Sparty On was there so was @Neon-A @Kittennoodlesoup @Ursina @Geof th bald @Okita @Skylar Starlet @Strong Soul @Catdragon @Oriol El Gran @Saturio and and more!!!! all 516 blue feathers all dressed as clowns!!!Wait what?" Syn said and just as the first hero ,the one who picked up the original blue feather stepped up and proclaimed "Ill explain this so it makes sense…its really very simple…

ENTERTAIN URSINA WITH A STORY CONTEST The story goes, this is how our guild began: It fails to entertain me! So here is where you come in. Entertain me with a story in the forum ( about the origins of our guild. Try to keep details consistent with what we have now, but slight alterations are probably okay. Feel free to expand. No word limit. Go crazy with chapters if you want to. DEADLINE IS MARCH 14TH. TWO DAYS LEFT. Winner gets 22 charges and story goes in the above-mentioned section of the wiki. Stories to be voted on by the guild starting March 15th. the end…

Arivelle's Story


There are some stories that are told to amuse polite company and there are stories that are told to thrill around a campfire. There are stories to impress, to lift hopes, or bring people together. This story is none of those. This story, well, this story is the kind of story you find yourself sitting through when trapped in the window seat of a bus next to a dishevelled oddball who mistakes your lack of eye contact and headphones as signals that you are an eager listener. Yes, definitely that kind of story.

Once upon a time (I realize that sounds promising, that this might be some sort of fairy tale, and you’d be right in suspecting there might be fairies in this one, but don’t get your hopes up), there was a hero (again, fairies + hero = promising, but no). Not just any hero, he was kind, handsome in a rugged sort of squintish way, and who am I kidding, that could be any hero. I think the really important thing to remember is he was stupid. Sure, he could swing a sword and was reasonably good at filling a sack with loot and getting most of it back to town to sell, but if some heroes aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack, this guy was a potato by comparison. So, it was little wonder that when he found the entrance to a cave marked “KEEP OUT! DON’T ENTER! TRESSPASSERS WILL BE MAULED!” written in blood, he didn’t think much about why he shouldn’t go in. In fact, he didn’t think much in general. He wasn’t thinking some more when he stepped on a poorly concealed hole and fell into a pit. Fortunately he was saved witnessing the embarrassing blunder by the virtue of being knocked unconscious on the way down by a low hanging stalactite. Unfortunately, the pit had been retired from active service as a hero trap (because it was all but the dumbest heroes could see it) and been used as a midden pile for the last while, so our hero landed face-first into the carcass of last week’s food.

This is the part where you bring out your music player and start fiddling with the screen and/or buttons in a polite attempt to make the story teller think you can’t hear them in an effort to nudge them into bothering someone else for a while. You should know better, that never works.

Now where was I? Oh, right. Face. Carcass. It sounds bad, and it is, but it wasn’t the worst it could be. The last meal the cave occupant had was an Arctic Firebird and the only remains that had been left behind was its blue feathers. That meant that when our hero finally regained consciousness his first thoughts were that he had fallen asleep on a down mattress, but those faded quickly with the smell. Yes, even the dumbest heroes can detect a trash heap by the smell. Our hero rapidly stood up, if only to get his nose further away from the ground, but the damage was done. The slightly sticky, slightly static-y blue feathers coated him head to toe and resisted being brushed off. None can tell how long our hero was knocked out for, but it was clear that enough time elapsed that the cave occupant had decided to take out their trash and our hero, through experience killing and being killed by large bad monsters, realized that if the smell wasn’t incentive enough, the advancing footsteps said it was time to go. Spying a place where the trash had mounded against the pit walls, the hero made his way out of the pit, which is the good news. The bad news is that he gets lost in caves on the best of days and having been unconscious for most of the trip down, he wasn’t sure which side of the pit he escaped from, the entrance or deeper in the cave. Moreover, there wasn’t just a forward/backward, there was a side tunnel and the monster could be coming from any of the directions. What would you do?

At this point, you realize that despite staring out the window and bobbing your head like you were really into the music, you were actually listening. Moreover, you just missed your stop and while you could just pull the cord to get off at the next one, you figure it’s rainy and why not ride to the end and catch your stop on the way back. Yes, that makes the most sense and has absolutely, positively, nothing to do with the crazy story you are pretending not to listen to. Oh no, the derelict is still staring at you. You weren’t actually expected to respond to that question, were you? Oh good, they are going to press on without your response.

It’s okay, our hero didn’t know what to do either. Usually in these situations his god would say something like “Smite” or more accurately “Swing your sword and smite, you stupid idiot!”, but all was quiet on the god front. I realize this looks a bit dire, but there was more going on in this cave than our hero, a midden pit and a monster taking out the trash. This is the bit with those fairies I mentioned.

Once upon a time (no, I’m not starting over, we are having a flash back, try to keep up), a group of fairies were cursed or accidentally cursed themselves, something like that, it was a long time ago, and they are pretty tight lipped about it. Short story is they were trapped by magic to reside in the cave that our hero wandered into and part of that magic required them to care for the residing occupants of the cave. With the current monster-in-residence, they were faced with all manner of very disagreeable dishes to cook and, I don’t want to go into too many details here, sometimes they made the menu and other times they made the menu. Needless to say, since the cave never stayed tenant-free for very long (a nice, dry cave with a view of the lake, a pleasant western exposure, and some in-cave fairies to cater to your every dietary desire is a pretty desirable bit of real estate), the fairies had decided that perhaps they should encourage a more suitable resident and, since magically they were prevented to raise a hand against the resident themselves… I think you get the picture.

That was your stop going by again, wasn’t it? Thought so.

Now, say you are a group of fairies and your hands are tied about hurting anyone, but you are able to ‘care’ for the ‘occupants’ of a cave and, currently, there’s a hero ‘occupying’ some of the cave. This leaves you some magical wiggle room. Lucky for our hero, who we’ve left frozen at the edge of a pit with an incoming monster, fairies can do wonders with a little wiggle room.

Step 1: Make sure your hero is facing the right direction.

Using powers only wielded by fairies, brownies and will-o’-the-wisps, the fairies caused one of the tunnels to glow slightly to attract the attention of hero so he’d know which way the monster was coming.

Step 2: Infuse your hero with a sense of greatness and courage.

Sprinkling our hero with some fairy dust and making the appropriate hand gestures, the fairies silently cast their spell.

You haven’t caught the issues with step 1 and 2 yet, have you? Can’t blame you too much, the fairies made the same mistake. I mentioned very early on that our hero was dumb as a stump and even if one tunnel had a giant neon sign saying “yo, monster this way”, he probably wouldn’t have caught that. Secondly, it’s hard to infuse a sense of courage if your hero doesn’t have any sense.

Step 3: Realize your oversight, quickly cobble together an IQ raising spell, make sure it works by dialing it up a lot of notches and repeat step 1 and 2.

…And success! For the first time in our hero’s life he had a thought, a good one too. This cave was something special, something worth fighting for and now that he was certain which way the monster was coming from, he drew his weapon.

I can see that we are currently passing the stop you originally got on the bus, so I’ll glaze over the next few obvious plot points.

The monster ended up as the latest carcass on the midden pile and our hero, somewhat unscathed and still sporting a coat of blue feathers, was victorious. The fairies introduced themselves to our staggeringly intelligent, but still squintish-ly attractive hero and offered to make him a nice sandwich. Our hero, who could now see a good thing when he had it, declared “DIBS” quite loudly and took over as resident of the cave.

You’d think that would be a good place to leave the story. It’s got a sense of tidiness to it and that pleasing hero-kills-the-monster-and-saves-the-day-for-the-victim bit that stories have, but then it would be a normal sort of story and not really suitable for a bizarre transit tale, now would it?

Our hero, suddenly, was having thoughts and those thoughts became plans. He realized that the cave was fairly spacious and the mountain above would make a nice spot for a future mansion. This place wasn’t just suitable for him, it would be a great home for a guild. The only thing he needed was a great name and some members. Politely turning down the sandwich offer, he promised the fairies he’d return shortly, marked his quest to “Find the entrance to a secret lair” as complete, and, blue feathers and all, headed to Godville to attract some recruits.

Oh look, we’re passing that spot you got on the bus again. Better pick up the pace a smidge, eh?

Godville is a hub of activity and even on a slow day there are at least a couple of parades from some god or goddess’s miracle going off. Not to be dismayed, our hero found an unoccupied soap box (the “world is ending” guy might be on break, or possibly riding a bus somewhere), and began to toll the virtues of his soon-to-be-guild

“Hear-ye, hear-ye! I am founding a guild for the best and brightest among you! There’s shelter, food, and magic to guide us! Join the “Truly Clever” guild!”

I know it’s not an impressive speech, I said the fairies made him intelligent, not that they gave him eloquence. Not that it really mattered, between the other town criers, the arena fans, a rather lively petting zoo, and the drunken revelry that made a normal day in Godville, no one could really hear him anyway. To most people he was a handsome, in a rugged sort of squintish way, hero covered in rather strikingly blue feathers making grand gestures while standing on a box that the ‘world is ending’ guy usually stood on. To a handful of heroes and heroines across the street, it actually sounded more like this:

“What’s he saying?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I think he wants to build a chest for the lightest ewe…”

“Are you sure? It sounded more like he was thrilled to rest after fighting a moon shrew”

“What’s a moon shrew?”

“Not sure, I’m new at this; haven’t even found a guild yet.”

“That’s it! He’s announcing a guild! Anyone catch the name?”

“Sounded a bit like “New Leather”.

“Don’t be daft, that’s a lousy guild name. Anyway, what’s the deal with the blue feathers?”

“Blue Feather!”

“Yes, that’s what I said; what’s the deal with the blue feathers?”

“No, the guild name, it must be ‘Blue Feather’!”

“Yes, that’s got to be it.”

“I think I heard him say something about food, so I’m in.”

“Me, too, let’s become the next members of “Blue Feather”. I hope they allow pets.”

At this moment you notice your story teller has stopped and in the silence you wonder exactly when on this journey your music player died. It seems like an odd spot to leave off; no happily ever after, no introduction to a sequel, just a misheard announcement in a town. It seems rather anti-climatic, doesn’t it? You wonder, briefly, if you should say something, but you see your stop is next and though the rain has stopped, it’s getting dark and you really had to pee for the last who knows how long. Pulling the cord, the bus pulls in and you finally look at the person sitting next to you to give them the ‘sorry, I got to get off here’ eyes. You needn’t have bothered, he’s already moved on to a new traveller, only this time he’s singing:

🎶 We live in a mansion with fairies for friends,

The halls fill with laughter, the fun never ends.

Every day’s sunny, no matter the weather,

You can have this too, just join Blue Feather! 🎶

Hit you's Story

GodHit you 

There once was a hero called Eric Barfunkle, who walked around completely failing at quests, rummaging through bins looking for loot and killing small animals and calling them monsters. His hero was bored by the time he got to level 12 and started on a quest given by his God to join a guild of his choice and so he walked around the capital and looked into all of the big guild buildings and decided that none of the guilds looked good enough for him with his high standards and so he continued out of the capital and on to some of the smaller towns.

As he walked through the dry, dirty, cluttered road he saw a beautiful, vibrant, blue-purpleish peacock walked through the streets and he chased it thinking it would be a nice meal… he caught up to it and hit it with his stick weapon, and a couple of feathers fell off an he gave chase until he ran out of energy we stopped to sit down and eat some of his food supplies. It was then that he saw a blue feather in his hair,near his ear, so he pulled it out and put it on the floor.

With a flash, a blinding beam of lightning hit the feather and burnt away the eye and just left a blue feather which the hero decided should be investigated and so he took it back to Godville to give to some of the leading researchers in the field of deities.

They concluded that the feather was a sign of doom and that monsters would soon inhabit the land and that the heroes of Godville would need to kill as many of them as they could. After dropping that bomb on the tired broken hero they theorized that if another feather fell in the same way then it would spell certain doom!

The Winner?

With the last word of the final story, the silence resumed. By now the fire had died down to coals and the chill of an early spring night had crept in. The listeners, entertained by the night's storytellers, contemplated which of the accounts could be true. Were Blue Feather's origins daring or inspirational? Whimsical or laughable? They couldn't all be true..... Could they?

"Why should anyone have to choose?", they thought, "Wasn’t it fitting that a guild as grand as Blue Feather should have not one, but nine origin stories?"

"To Blue Feather!" they all cheered, then drank the last of their drinks. And that is how all of the stories became the best story of them all.