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This article is a quick reference guide for authors with basic wiki coding knowledge. For a more thorough article, see Creators Manual.

Text Formatting

  • Bold - '''Bold'''
  • Italic - ''Italic''
  • Bold Italic - '''''Bold Italic'''''
  • Underline - <ins>Underline</ins>

Headline Formatting

Use various numbers of =. The above uses =Headline Formatting=

Headline 2

==Headline 2==

Headline 3

===Headline 3===

Headline 4

====Headline 4====

Headline 5

=====Headline 5=====

Headline 6

======Headline 6======


  • Bullet point lists - *
  • Numbered lists - #

Images & Pictures

  • Full Picture - [[Image:Example.jpg]]
  • Set Width - [[Image:Example.jpg|200px]]
  • Captioned and aligned left- [[Image:Example.jpg|200px|thumb|left|write caption text here]]


  • Internal link with same text as link - [[Wiki Article Title]]
  • Internal link with different text as link - [[Wiki Article Title | text of link]]
  • External link - [[http:/// | text of link]]


All pages should have at least one category.

Add a category to a page by inserting the following text (these are the most common):

  • Artifacts - [[Category:Artifacts]]
  • Equipment – [[Category:Equipment]]
  • God – [[Category:Gods]]
  • Guild – [[Category:Guilds]]
  • Hero – [[Category:Heroes]]
  • Monster – [[Category:Monsters]]
  • Quest – [[Category:Quests]]
  • Skill – [[Category:Skills]]

For a complete list of categories, click here.

A template will automatically insert the category. Adding category language is not necessary if a template is used.

Guidelines and Templates

Guidlines will help you write an article. Templates put a infobox on the right side. If a type of article has a template, please use it.

For a complete list of guidelines click Category:Guidelines.

For a complete list of templates click Category:Templates.

Note: using a template will automatically insert the category at the bottom of the page. No need to insert a category if you use a template.

Add-in God Icons

  • GodSpode   - {{god|Spode|temple = 12.12.2012 3:45}}

  • GodSpode (U • C • T)  - {{god|Spode|extended = yes please}}

These link to the hero's chronicles.


Writing a good guideline isn't easy.
— BlueStapler, Source

{{quote|author=BlueStapler, Source| Writing a good guideline isn't easy.}}


  • #REDIRECT[[Target page name here]]

Criticism and Suggestions for an Article

As a generally matter, please be nice in critiquing articles. People work hard and some of them may not have the best writing skills. Do not use these tags on God, Hero, or Guild pages because that's just rude.

  • Complete Rewrite Needed - {{rewrite}}
  • Delete article - {{delete | insert reason here}}
  • Picture Needed - {{picture}}
  • Rewrite - {{rewrite}}
  • Stub - {{stub}}
  • Mark article for deletion - {{delete | insert reason here}}

Ignore Wiki Code

Ignore wiki code - <nowiki>code to ignore</nowiki>

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