Bloody itch

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Skills of Godville
Bloody itch
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Get ready for the ITCH...

Mmmmm, this is a nasty one. This is one of the worst. The Bloody itch may not seem like much of a skill, but once mastered it can lead an opponent to take their own life out of sheer frustration at not being able to stop The Itch!

This is more a skill for your Clerics and Wizards, as it involves summoning various nasty creatures to plague the opponent. Your average Hero can make a bit of a mess of this, and can end up on the receiving end if not careful.

Either way, we advise the user of this skill to always be wearing a netted hat, thick gloves and a have can of Raid handy.

Rarrrrrrrgh ! Make it stop ...


Level 1-10

  • The trainee is taught to Summon your typical mosquito - and to aim it as well. This is not as easy as you may think.
  • If all goes well with the Summoning and Suggesting spells, then the result is quite a laugh as one's opponent disappears in the resulting swarm with cries of "Get off, you bastard!"

Level 11-20

  • The master of this skill will be taught to Summon bees, wasps, and those nasty little sand-flies that leave enormous red blisters.
  • The spells tend to backfire quite a bit at this level, so do take great care to keep your mouth firmly shut after the last syllable!

Level 21-30

  • Ah, OK. If you really want to know what goes on here, we will need to find what's left of one of the adepts. As advised, this is a wonderful skill but extremely prone to backfiring at this high level. Giant scorpions and mutant mosquitoes are the least of it.

I'm sure we have the desiccated body of a Level 32 Adept in the freezer - let me check...

Sucked dry by a giant mosquito