Blood-drinking straw

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Artifacts of Godville
Blood-drinking straw
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown

Vampires have always been around godville, there's even an ancient scroll written circa 120 g.e. in which a hero tells of a fight with a vampire.

Even though it is unknown to many that the current vampire has little to do with early bloodsucking; the use of clothes and their integration in society have turned them into the fine plain sight hidden monsters we know and fear today.

One of the milestones in their evolution is the blood drinking straw, which allowed them to take the blood of their preys without leaving red stains all over their faces and shirts. They started with empty bones and they ended up with gold ornated ivory straws

Nowadays both monsters and villagers enjoy fancy drinks with their own straws. Obviously heroes and heroines don't have the urge or funds to acquire one of this distinguished small canes.