Blind Watchman

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Monsters of Godville
Blind Watchman
Class Humanoid
Habitat Merchant's buildings
Totem for Ankh-Morpork City Watch
Description Hired security unit, that's blind

The Blind Watchman is a monster.

Blind Watchmen are mostly hired by merchants who'd like to spare their money for something better. Instead of hiring thugs who watch for their properties, they choose Blind Watchmen, since their service is much more cheaper than the regular guards. Though they're blind, they have sharp hearing sense, but it is not the reason why they're deadly. They prefer to follow their instinct in a combat that makes them into dangerous killer machines. Once Blind Watchman hit the opponent, It can coordinate where his fiend is, which makes him into a very dangerous fighter.



  • Sharp sense in hearing
  • Deadly Combat skills
  • Agile and Quick


  • Blind
  • Range Attacks
  • Vincible and less dangerous when drunk