Black Sheep

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Monsters of Godville
Black Sheep
Class Mammal
Habitat grasslands
Totem for Black Market ⚜️ 
Description failed breed of white sheep

The Black Sheep is a monster. People believe that the black color of the sheep was seen as the mark of the devil.

Since this creature seems to be an outcast of its horde, it slenders around in the world of godville. They try to find another Black Sheep and made the "Black Sheep Community". Black Sheep only attacks heroes when provoked, unless it has a really bad day and pissed off, although some of them are always being aggressive, since they find the unnatural wildness in them

An example of an aggressive Black Sheep

It seems to act passive when Battlesheep are around.



  • Good at hiding in the dark
  • Healthy since they eat grass
  • Not tied down by silly things like family/friends.


  • Low IQ
  • Hunted by hungry heroes, when there is no other animals around
  • Bad credit score makes it harder to get a mortgage.