Bill of wrongs

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Bill of wrongs
Type 🧷Normal
Description Unknown


High definition dictionary defines a Bill of wrongs as a tavern-term for any of the following:

  1. A bill with extra and/or mistaken entries (often of higher amount.)
  2. Some other hero's bill (often of higher amount) mistaken by the hero as his/hers.

It is mistakenly (or not mistakenly) handed over to a very drunk hero to pay. This bill is commonly given by unscupulous taverns found especially in Beerburgh, Herowin, and Los Adminos. These bartenders usually add an extra zero to pad the bills amount, with the unfortunate (or fortunate for the tavern) consequence of the drunk hero seeing double the added zero.

The drunken hero usually pays without haggling or challenging the bill's amount due to "Drunken Pride" syndrome, or the fear of being laughed at by other drunken heroes for any internally made-up reasons or inadequacies thought up by the hero while drunk.

Plural form: Bills of wrongs


A slightly crumpled small piece of paper with the logo of the tavern, with unintelligible scribbles of numbers and zeroes.

Example in a Sentence

A very drunken and incoherent Conan The Barber Inspector is handed a bill of wrongs by a very cunning and lucid Bart The Tender Bartender.

Other Uses or Definitions

  • Rarely, a bill with guild law and rules written in it instead of amount owed. Happens when a bartender gets drunk after hearing short heroes' tall tales. By tavern rules: no amount equals freebie.
  • Nickname of William Wong aka The Wong Ranger
  • Sometimes this term is used instead of List of grievances, especially in taverns.

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