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Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Forest edges and open moors
Description Unknown
Totem for Bravest Frontier Hunters

The Bewarewolf is a monster.


The Bewarewolf is a ferocious beast that preys on lost heroes and heroines on nights with a full moon. But even when the moon is not full, the creature ominous howl can be heard for miles, warning adventurers to stay away. Hearing it's call on a moonless night is said to be bad luck.

Canidae Domestica Biowolf Firefox Sun Dog
Canidae Majora Awkwarg Warmongrel Wherewolf
Canīnus 101 Headed Dalmation Attention Spaniel Avant-Guard Dog Borderline Collie Bottomless Pitbull Carjackal Crackerjackal Desert Beagle Devil Dog Dogfather Downward Facing Dog Dysenterrier Eternal Dalmatian Hot Dog Hound of Music Labracadabrador Labrador Deceiver Mosh Pitbull Nuclear Watchdog Pocketwatchdog Reservoir Dog Shameless Pug Shampoodle Spark Pug Unicorndog Wall Dog
Lupīnus Beerwolf Bewarewolf Bigger Badder Wolf Crying Wolf Liar Wolf Spywarewolf There-Wolf Underwear Wolf
Vulpīnus Artsy Fox Century Fox