Bendy Shark

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Monsters of Godville
Bendy Shark
Flexilis inriguum inferius
Class Shark
Habitat Underground
Description A subterranean shark.

The Bendy Shark (Flexilis inriguum inferius) is a monster that has both a shark-like body and the ability to survive underground.

It typically takes up residence far from any bodies of water. Its reasoning for this is unknown, but it is theorized that they are frantically avoiding any clashes with their sea-inhabiting brethren. Bendy Sharks are named as such because their bodies are made completely out of bendy and bouncy cartilage.

Apart from this cartilage, they seem to have no bones or other internal framework. It has the ability to rapidly burrow through the ground to get around, using motions similar to those involved in swimming.



  • Insatiable appetite for heroes
  • Soft body, which allows it to absorb blows from blunt objects
  • Can burrow through the ground at speeds that rival those of even the fastest transportation skills


  • Can't actually breathe water, contrary to its name
  • A well-placed punch to the sensitive bundle of nerves in its snout can send it reeling
  • Avoids water-breathing sharks at all cost, possibly due to an ancient familial mishap