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Befriending is a new feature introduced in February 2021 [1] who allows to get rid of a monster at the cost of an Invite to Godville for any hero who is atleast level 12.

How to befriend ?

To befriend a monster one can select "Befriend a monster" below the "Send invite" button on the web app and below the "Invite a Friend" on mobile view. This will consume one of those invites.

Those invites can be obtained by activating an Invite to Godville.

Left : Web View
Right : Mobile View


A befriended monster will cease fight and will leave all its loot behind. If that monster is encountered again during the duration of the effect (which is say to last a day or so), there will be neither fight nor loot.

Few things to note:

  • Special monsters (Questing, Wealthy, Healing, etc) are technically not defeated, so they won’t cast their usual upon-defeat curses or boons.
  • Wanted monsters, however, will still give the proof of their ‘death’, which makes them an easy target for these one-day friendships.