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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown
Boss Type Unknown

The Beermonger is a gigantic humanoid Monster. It got it‘s name from it’s unquenchable thirst for beer. Also it loves to carry a barrel full of beer around. Sometimes afraid of fighting and losing it will sneak up to heroes to steal their beer.

If the player finds him, it will fight as ferociously as any other boss but if it realizes it might lose the fight, it will attempt to flee and eat all the loot out of it’s anger and fear. As if that’s not enough it will try to intimidate it’s enemies with it’s explosive organs near death as the explosion has a wide area of effect and will hit the heroes who have slain it frontally.

Approach with caution and beat it quickly and efficiently for maximum loot. Also beware of the barrel as it proves to be a deadly weapon in the Beermongers hands.