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Teaser announcement

Gods and Goddess, Heroes and Heroines of Godville!

Have you ever looked at the names on the Honored Duelers Hall Of Fame and wondered who will emerge victorious if they were to compete with each other?

Wonder no more as a new tournament is coming up soon to find out the answer! The Battle of the Elites will pit Honoured Duelers against each other in one tournament. Eight honoured duelers from past seasons will fight tooth and nail for the grand prize of 250 charges and the respect of fellow honoured, as well as aspiring young duelers! These are the elites of the arena and have proven themselves to be the best in each season through the years.

The first round of battles will kick off very soon so keep your eyes peeled for more information. Subscribe to this thread to keep up with bracket information and results as they come in.

Get ready to watch Godville’s elites slug it out in the bloodiest tournament ever!

Battle of the Elites

Sounds of battle horns and drums are reverberating from the famed coliseum in the heart of Godville. A lone woman, gold adornments glinting quietly on her shoulders, the hem of her black cloak sweeping the sandy ground, strides into the arena and comes to a halt at the heart of it. With a smile on her face, she raises her arm into the air, pointing a sword to the sky, and calls upon the honoured champions of the arena.

Lightning streaks across the broiling sky, the weather dark and sinister; the sounds of battle horns and drums beating louder as thunder booms through the coliseum. The wind stirs a veil of sand around the woman, her long cloak billowing, raven hair trailing behind like glossy silk. This turbulent atmosphere heralds the anticipated arrival of eight mightiest Gods and Goddesses of war and their honoured champions. Their hearts steeped in bloodlust, hungry for violence and the clamor of war, their splendid armour and deadly weapons thirst for the thrill of entering the glorious death pit once again. Marching into the arena, sand grinding under their feet, the hardened gladiators and their zealous divinities join the woman in black by her side, a presence of raw power.

Gods and Goddess, Heroes and Heroines of Godville!

Following our announcement of the Battle of the Elites Tournament, I am delighted to reveal the highly-anticipated names of the duelers and details of the tournament. Here we are, the ones who will fight right here, fearsome elites of the arena who have proven themselves to be the best in each duel season through the years.

Camsaesso - From The New World

Season 10, Jr: 2nd place

Geoff Name - Guild Name

Season 8, Jr: 3rd place

HairPlug4Men - Harvest Moon

Season 2, Sr: 1st place Season 9, Sr: 3rd place Season 11, Sr: 2nd place

M- k3 - Asylum

Season 4, Sr: 3rd place

Ngma - Harvest Moon

Season 11, Sr: 1st place

Tuggernongy - Blue Feather

Season 9, Sr: 1st place Season 10, Sr: 1st place Season 12, Sr: 1st place

Pip In Heels - Blue Feather

Season 10, Jr: 1st place

WilsonAce - Harvest Moon

Season 1, Sr: 2nd place

Stay tuned to this thread for match logs to watch the action live and cheer for your favourite honored dueler. Hop over to their guild thread to send a shout of encouragement or trash talk, although the tournament committee will not be responsible for any dispute, ego deflation or whatsoever caused from the latter.

Good luck to all duelers!

Round 1 Battles

Pip In Heels vs. Ngma

Match A: Pip In Heels vs. Ngma

Victor: Pip In Heels

Duel log: Duel log

Tuggernongy vs. WilsonAce

Match B: Tuggernongy vs. WilsonAce

Victor: Tuggernongy

Duel log: Duel log

M- k3 vs. Hairplug4men

Match C: M- k3 vs. Hairplug4men

Victor: Hairplug4men

Duel log: Duel log

Geoff Name vs. Camsaesso

Match D: Geoff Name vs. Camsaesso

Victor: Geoff Name

Duel log: Duel log

Round 2 Battle

Tuggernongy vs. Pip In Heels

Match A: Pip In Heels vs. Tuggernongy

Victor: Tuggernongy

Duel log: Duel log

Geoff Name vs. Hairplug4men

Match B: Geoff Name vs. Hairplug4men

Victor: Hairplug4men

Duel log: Duel log

Last Round

Tuggernongy vs. Hairplug4men

Last Round: Tuggernongy vs. Hairplug4men

Victor: Tuggernongy

Duel log: Duel log


Round 1

Match A

Congratulations!!! Wooo what a fight! Do you have a minute for an interview?

Pip In Heels: grabs coffee, sleepily yawning sure.

Good! Then let’s get started. First, I’d like to know what your first impressions on that fight were.

Pip In Heels: WOW, so exciting! It was a nail-biter for sure! I was nervous and excited going in. She is a tough competitor and I had rolled lots of pennies cause I knew I would be using lots of charges.

Hahah in the end the fight ended up swinging both ways before allowing you to seize the victory. Were you confident you’d win? Were you afraid?

Pip In Heels: Yes in the beginning, it was not going my way. But then I think my heels were noticed and that distracted the RNG so it started swinging both ways. giggles and winks Confident, well, I did look good.. stilettos and a sharpen shiny weapon, nice smite outfit. Afraid? Hahahaha. I did not poop my pants once, made sure to go to the restroom before hand. I knew it was going to be a hard, fun battle and was ready for whatever the outcome. Oh wait.. I wasn’t wearing pants. Oh yes, my smite outfit..didn’t poop it. smiles, sipping coffee, admiring her heels Anything else?

Thank you for that answer! That’s very insightful. We will be watching your climb through the tournament. Last question, but not least. What will be your epitaph?

Pip In Heels: Her heels were high just like she lived her life.

Match B

Congratulations Tuggernongy! That was an exhilarating fight! How was it going up against Season 1’s honoured dueler? Secondly, we have a question from the audience: There were many backfires flying back and forth and you got off pretty much unscathed! Do you have any lucky charm, like a lucky underwear that you wear during your fights?

Tuggernongy: eyeballs note pad was 1 vs 2 full backfires i think, RNG was pretty kind to both of us. And unscathed? .... reaches for Arenalin, grimacing mid-motion WilsonAce got a few good hits in, and it got especially tight in the last couple of rounds.

Lucky charm? Well, I'm naturally charming, of course, but Sooba ate the lucky panties. Smiting motions feel less restrictive now actually... maybe Sooba is the Lucky Charm? You'd have to ask him.

We got sidetracked, didn't we? Or I did, anyway. You get a whole bunch of hits to the noggin when you keep jumping head first into the arena.

I feel great about the duel! Fighting the best of the best is an absolute pleasure, and I look forward to respectfully avoiding any trash talk whatsoever towards my future defeated opponents ;)

I knew it was the lucky panties…I’m sure your fans agree that you are one charming God! We wouldn’t expect anything less from a three times Smightiest champion. The pleasure is ours to witness your amazing fighting skills. We look forward to your next match!

leans in closer to Tuggernongy and whispers so what colour were those lucky panties? No...this won’t go into the tournament report...

WilsonAce! Wow that was one amazing fight! You have been away from the scene for awhile. How do you feel about a match with a fellow honoured after a long slumber?

WilsonAce: Hahaha, that duel totally woke me up despite being exhausted from the meetings and work! I guess it's time for my alt to debut in the dueling season soon.

Despite that handicap, you’ve already put up a good fight against your opponent. Can't imagine if you were fresh and recharged! Seems like the duelers in the current season are going to feel the pressure. Any words for upcoming young duelers?

WilsonAce: It doesn't make a difference actually. During the inaugural dueling season, I had been sleeping with 2 or 3 hours. What makes the arena fun are the thrills and the chills! Makes the audience wonder who will be the winner in the very last moment. So duelers, go and make some history and become honoured duelers in the near future!

Match C

Congratulations on that win. Do you have a minute for an interview?

Hairplug4men: I do… I get paid by the hour.

Amazing. Let’s get started then. I have seen your fight, it seems that you once more demonstrated your perfect knowledge of this game’s mechanics. Would you say that this fight was as good as won before it started?

Hairplug4men: You don’t have to know anything about the mechanics of arena so long as you just know the right people. I’m not saying I bribed the judge to guarantee the victory, because that would be cheating. I can say the judge knew who was going to win before the fight started.

I understand. It makes sense. It seems that this last voice “Hit FINISH HIM!” was quite literally godsent. I do understand that judges would favor such a bold man as yourself. Now, if you could dedicate that fight to one person, who would that be?

Hairplug4men: Sorry narcoleptic and passed out there for a second I would like to dedicate this win to myself and to all the judges who realized how awesome I am.

Lmao no problem. Amazing. Now last question. What will be your epitaph?

Hairplug4men: You had one HP left and now you got nothing.

Amazing. We’ll be compiling that data and using it against you. Good luck in your next duel!

Match D

Congratulations Geoff Name! So, tell me, were you confident you'd win? You pounded his ass Geoff-style. Those were impressive bait-blocks. What would be your advice for all your fans trying to get as good as you? Geoff Name: Clean living.

Right. Let me ask you then. Who do you dedicate this win to?

Geoff Name: My unborn children.

Fair enough. So your testicles are the ones you'd like to dedicate that win to. I understand.

Geoff Name: Ha ha well, the left one anyway.

I do hope that you'll get to the top. What will you do with the prize money, if you win?

Geoff Name: Rub it on my nipples.

You've been scarce in the arena these past weeks. What was the drive that, regardless of the rust, made you strive and come out as a winner?

Geoff Name: motivation was to look good, because it's better to look good than feel good.

You have no idea how good you'll look rubbing those charges on your nipples. Lastly, what will be your epitaph?

Geoff Name: Died as he lived... owing money.

You just took a huge loss in the first step in the championship, disqualifying you and proving once more Geoff's overwhelming superiority. What are your first words?

Camsaesso: Well, I was the outsider in this tournament. My opponent is a dueler of renown that has multiple honored accounts and has fought countless battles. He deserved that win more than me. It was an honorable fight. I had fun!

You had fun, why?

Camsaesso: Because it was a battle on the edge. It could have went either side so many times. The backfires made it thrilling, and the decision making had to be swift and efficient. This is where experience primes, I have yet to fight enough battle to reach his level.

I see, so you'd say that this loss has taught you lessons?

Camsaesso: Definitely! And I believe that I came out stronger than before. Geoff Name is a valuable opponent that shows me my own limitations through his display of skill. I'm happy I got to face and lose against him. I can retire in peace, with a big smile on my face and a light heart

Round 2

Match A

Good evening Sir! That was quite the win you pulled off. It seems like you managed to grab a clear advantage over her. Were you confident you'd win with such a capricious rule?

Tuggernongy: I was... cautiously optimistic. Pip and I have fought several times, and she's yet to get a win over me, but that's mostly due to luck on my part, which is sure to run out eventually (we had another impatient fight today, actually! Fun times). Those heels are sharp, and she'll eviscerate you with them if you're not careful. ;)

Thank you for your answer. I understand, so experience was here the factor that put you at ease. That's understandable. You're a star of the dueling scene, tearing through the tournament like a professional, scoring the top 3 spot every season.... surely you must have a tip for all the duelers looking up to you?

Tuggernongy: Just the tip? "Get good" ;) Honestly though; there is an incredible amount of depth to arena strategy and decision making at the very top. The best way to improve is to fight other actives, and learn from your mistakes, until you stop making them.

Match B

Sooooo, first of all, congratulation on that swift win! I bet that you didn't expect to tear through that duel as fast as you did. How did you decide what strategy you were going to use?

Hairplug4men: Thank you thank you. I actually expected a quicker victory. I'm not quite sure why the other opponents hero even bothered to show up. I had never heard of this guy before so I didn't give him much credit. I had seen that he had lost a lot of fights but not nearly as many as I had so I already knew I was better at him in both victories and defeat. Arena is a place where you try to predict the moves of your opponent steps ahead, luring them into making moves you want them to make. So in this fight I made it a priority to leave my opponent on right from the start into thinking he actually had a chance. That was his downfall.

So he basically had lost the moment he thought he could win. That is some next level meta strategy. I'm impressed, but what else could we expect from somebody that has more losses than any other dueler has wins. If you could give the one arena advice to all the people that have followed your match, what would you say?

Hairplug4men: Praise and worship the great random. Never say a bad word about it. I gives and it takes. But it is vengeful. Talk crap about it and it will destroy you. Trust in its will and prepare for its wrath and you will always come out ahead.

Thank you very much for those meaningful words. Before I let you go and savor that victory until your next match, any last word you wanted to share?

Hairplug4men: It would be nice if everyone gave me something after beating them. I think it's only fair for his often as I seem to do it. I'm not asking for much you know maybe just like roses or rotting flesh or charges or a reach-around I'm not picky. But I will be demanding satisfaction after my next victory.

Final Round

Congratulations, Tuggernongy! That was amazing! You have fought 3 honoured duelers to reach the 1st place in this tournament, well done! This is certainly not the first time you have fought against Hairplug4men and was at a tie with him on this account. How do you feel about having an edge over the score now?

Tuggernongy: Having the needle swing back in my favor for our tally feels pretty good; there are very few people that are +2 against me, and I intend to keep it that way. We also managed to randomly match a few hours before the big fight, so it's been a pretty wild day for me! Winning against tough opposition is always satisfying, especially so when it's one of the true titans of the arena.

So it is! Your opponent is a fellow renowned arena killer and beating such a high-ranked dueler in a tournament is certainly a satisfying duel. The victory was decided in less than 20 steps! Were you expecting it?

Tuggernongy: I was really pleased when we matched with a prayer fight; was hoping we'd avoid any restrictions such as 3charge/2actions/ deafness, so we could hopefully put on more of a show for everyone.

Whenever we fight, they either seem to end very quickly, or stretch on for ages. This was one of our quicker fights; the wasteful block at the start was a slight edge for me, letting me get an action ahead again afterwards at lower hp was a bit of a risk, and then getting those two early voices in the second group of 10 was enough to get over the finish line without either of us having backfired again. Honestly, I expected to full backfire early and then struggle to survive, as punishment for going aggressive. The Great Random likes to have a laugh at my expense.

Were you wearing those lucky panties again?

Tuggernongy: Sooba is still yet to return what's left of them; I might have to spend my winnings on new.... Ahahahaha who am I kidding, to the bar, first round on me! Huge thanks to the organisers, prize sponsors, and fellow competitors, it's been a blast getting to receive new bumps and bruises from such tough opposition. My ego at least seems to have made it through unscathed.

If you could do another round again, who do you want to face?

Tuggernongy: I'm always happy to fight other actives in the arena; but I'd most especially want the chance to go up against more of the superstars from yesteryear; I've only really been fighting to win in the arena for just over a year now, so there are plenty of giants with incredible win records that have come and gone before my time, that I haven't had the chance to dance with.

TL;DR anyone i haven't yet crushed like a bug :)

Your guild is #1 in the duelery pantheon and have frequently top both junior and seniors dueler pantheons. Do you have a torturous strict training boot camp or some secret underground lab where you inject arenalin into your members to create superpower fighters?

Tuggernongy: No secret labs or boot camps, just fond of discussing arena theory / strats / decision making with other actives xD

Thank you!

We'd like to thank our anonymous sponsors who will be providing the 1st and 2nd prizes! Thank you for funding our fun!

Thank you to the Honoured Duelers who took time off their schedules to kill each other for the masses' entertainment. We hope you had as much fun as we had watching you guys waste your time and charges entertaining us.

We'd also like to take a moment to thank the small support staff. This tournament would not be possible without their tireless efforts at forcing recruiting gladiators, information dissemination, writing announcements, forum spamming, writing this wiki that you are reading...and many more! These charitable folks do it all out of the kindness of their hearts (that or a strong desire to watch the competing gladiators slay each other in the arena). That said, if you enjoy this tournament, take a sec to let them know via PM.

In alphabetical order: DiamondHard, Ngma, Nyx of Darkness.