Battle chess

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Skills of Godville
Battle chess
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Give them a chess piece of your mind.

The Battle chess combat skill is prized not only for its sheer complexity and mind-boggling effectiveness, but also for its high power drain on the target's sanity.

At the highest level of effectiveness, any hero will be able to shatter the target's mind and will, render them mindless and unable to defend themselves.

As the battle chess board comes out your opponent gets frustrated to a degree equal to "beyond belief" times the level of the hero's skill.


Level 1-10

The opponent's sanity slowly drains because of how much time it takes for the hero to make a move. Eventually, they will either get so frustrated that they will snap and furiously attack the hero, or just give up. This is the most dangerous stage of the skill and must be used carefully and with the proper equipment.

Level 11-20

Now that this combat skill has been mastered, you will find that your Hero can:

  1. bore an opponent to tears, resulting in blurry vision, headache and nausea. This usually results in one's opponent missing their turn altogether.
  2. cause time to stand still due to the hesitation and thought required to make a move, enabling your Hero to sneak in an extra blow or two in combat.

Level 21-30

At its full peak, this skill is more about slowing time to the Hero's advantage , rather than combat as such. Now we see such techniques evolving as:

  1. time crawls to a halt, enabling our Hero to tie the opponent's shoe laces together, tweak noses, loosen belts, poke eyes, and so on.
  2. cause complete insanity in the enemy, causing a frothing at the mouth, rubbing of the eyes, scratching of the head and spinning like a gyre in a gimbal !

Your move, sucker... ... BattleChess2.jpg