Battle Rattlesnake

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Monsters of Godville
Battle Rattlesnake
Class Reptile
Habitat grasslands
Description Mutated, dangerous rattlesnake

The Battle Rattlesnake is a four-armed snake (what!!???!?....... No, it doesn't have four arms just four rattles!) One for distraction, one for quick attacks, one for strength and one who is a tv game show host.

The Battle Rattlesnake lives in tall grass, mostly and it mows people's lawns who are too lazy to cut their grass, or too cheap to hire people to do it for them. If you don't want to run into one then stray away from grass taller than half a foot and stay away from your lazy neighbour! No one really knows where they come from all we know is that they're dangerous.

If you don't know how to handle one watch some shows where they go around catching animals (mostly reptiles) so you know how to respond to one and how to take care of it. If you still can't handle one then go be that one lazy neighbour who doesn't cut their lawn because they just want to cause more trouble....... I freaking hate you John why don't you ever cut your lawn do you know what I ha.......... Oh... You're still here..... Well, go on nothing more to read here.



  • Glitchy
  • Four heads
  • When glitchy they may glitch your health bar up or low
  • Can copy abilities


  • Fluteman
  • Hypnotism
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