Battle Hamster

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Monsters of Godville
Battle Hamster
Battle Hamster.jpg
Class Mammal
Habitat Forts and Battlefields
Description Fighting Rodent
Totem for Haylies Arsenal

The Battle Hamster (Mesocricetus proelium) is a monster with its own set of tiny little armor plates. Although some heroes may find them silly, given the correct equipment these small furry creatures can make any hero regret stepping on them.

Battle Hamsters are also seasoned gladiators toughened by fights in the BH Arena. There, they launched down a windy yellow slide into the infamous pit until one knocks the other out, or they both fall asleep.

Beware the Battle Hamster and its temperamental scurrying for it strikes fear in the hearts of the Guinea Pigs of Godville.



  • Cute & cuddly-looking
  • Trained in battle techniques
  • Multiplies quickly


  • Exercise wheels
  • Sleeps a lot
  • Hates moist sawdust