Basement Dweller

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Monsters of Godville
Basement Dweller
Class Humanoid
Habitat Towns, caves, and treetops at night
Description Mutated human that lives at night

The Basement Dweller is one of weirdest kind of monster.

As we all know, basements are useful to have. You can store junk, old tattered clothes, or rent it out if you feel like it. The problem is, that if you rent it to someone who has shyness issues, they may decide to shut themselves in there for days. Without food and water to keep them alive, they mutate to adapt to their environment. Their skin becomes wrinkly and gray, the hair grows to cover the upper torso, and the teeth become jagged. All of their senses become enhanced to adapt to the lack of light. Eventually, they can no longer be called human (or whatever species they were in the first place, perhaps some sort of monster) The owners of the basement decide that permanently locking it should solve the problem. Without an escape to the emergency food supply, the Basement Dweller must seek out an exit. After busting through a wall and into civilization, they wander in search of a new home.

Since they spent so much time in the dark, they became nocturnal creatures. At sunset, the grotesque figures can be seen leaping from rooftop to rooftop, hunting wild animals or stealing from butcher shops. When the sun is nearly visible, they scamper off in search for a dark place. Usually, they break into random basements, but some may descend into alleys or sewers. Those unlucky enough to be in the sunlight become blind; their eyes were not accustomed to such intensity of light rays, so they burn to a crisp. Outside of city walls, Basement Dwellers are rare. Heroes can usually find them in caves or old shacks during the day. At nightfall, they are found on trees looking for fresh meat to fall into their view.



  • Enhanced senses (except taste)
  • Extremely agile
  • Razor teeth that can cut through bark
  • Never travel far once they settle down, so they know their surroundings to the very last detail


  • Physically weak
  • Bright lights blind them
  • No armor
  • Can't eat veggies