Barrel Fish

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Monsters of Godville
Barrel Fish
Class Aquatic
Habitat Salt water
Description Multi-colored, overweight

A Barrel Fish (dolium piscis) is a monster often found near fish mongers in seaport towns.

Shooting fish in a barrel is an idiom, describing an effortless or simple action, with guaranteed success. It's a play on words. It has two meanings: Barrel of a gun or barrel of fish.




  • Can survive long periods of time out of water
  • Gets really mean after a couple drinks
  • Really prickly fins and scales


  • Armless and Legless
  • Alcoholism
  • Zebra tetras

The following hero's diary entry proves that using the "Falcon punch" in combat against this monster is effective.

12:36: It seems that 'falcon punch' is just the right skill for killing the Barrel Fish.