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Beasties of Godville
Sphyraena Terracotta
Class Golem, Sculpture, Fish
Habitat Sunken Ruins, Reefs
Description Saltwater Carnivore made of Clay
Type Single-Named
Strength Level 2: 20-29 HP

The Baracotta (Sphyraena Terracotta) is a beastie whose body is made entirely out of terracotta. The Baracotta is debated upon whether it is an undersea golem or its a fish-like statue. Some debate that it is an earth spirit that somehow managed to live underwater. However, all that is known is that there are many of them and they are made out of terracotta.

General Information

Baracottas are believed to have come from an ancient civilization due to the fact that they spend a lot of time near sunken temples and other kinds of marine ruins. Some have been found in reefs, but they still are believed to be man-made. However, how they are alive is a big mystery. Some believe gods were angered by an ancient people, and thus, the gods forced those people to spend the rest of eternity possessing terracotta statues of fish. Other theories include gods getting angry at earth spirits, monsters, or even heroes. However, some theories imply that it wasn't the work of gods/goddesses at all. Some believe that they were possessed by the spirits of the residents of sunken ruins after some natural disaster occurred. Others are that golems somehow managed to find themselves underwater, and thus adapted to their surroundings, or that barracudas were petrified but still managed to stay alive. No one can say for sure. None of the theories have been proven, and that's why they're all theories.

As for the Baracottas themselves, they have surprisingly sharp teeth. They swim incredibly fast for something made of hardened clay, and they are excellent hunters. However, their bodies are extremely fragile and easily broken, making them easy to kill, but also very passive-aggressive.



  • Sharp Teeth
  • Fast swimmers
  • Skilled at hunting


  • Extremely fragile bodies
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