Bankrupt Leprechaun

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Monsters of Godville
Bankrupt Leprechaun
'Fatus pauperrimus'
Class Unknown
Habitat pubs and meadows
Description Unknown

Once, a very successful leprechaun lost everything when a wandering heroine stumbled upon his pot of gold. He now attacks heroes in hopes of recouping losses and gaining revenge.


The Bankrupt Leprechaun (Fatus pauperrimus) began as a wealthy banker. When his parents gave him their pot of gold, he devoted himself to accumulating all the gold in Godville.

He started small, by keeping other monsters' savings, jumped into buying and selling equipment to other shops, and even brought a cereal factory to manufacture "Lucky Charms." But all good things must come to an end, and unsurprisingly, a hero was the demise of this upstanding monster. Aran the undying was roaming the forests of Godvillewood and suddenly came across the leprechaun's beloved pot of gold. In a very heroic manner, Aran proceeded to kick the defenseless fairie and then take the pot of gold to the nearest tavern in order to get drunk. That day the leprechaun changed his pen for a long sword and wandered off the forest to take vengance of the heroes, with interests.



  • He has a sixth sense for gold.
  • Nothing to lose.


  • Being 90cm (3ft) tall.
  • Brave but terribly unskilled.