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Artifacts of Godville
Bank pen
Type 🧷Normal
Description Branded with bank's logo.

The Bank pen is one of the most boring artifacts in Godville's history. Not only is it exactly what most people think it is, it also has next to no real worth other than being sold.

Some "clever" heroes use this artifact to write in their diaries when they can't find their regular pen, but this usually ends rather quickly once the regular pen is found. There are only two reasons why anyone would even have this artifact with them at all:

1. Because they forgot they had the pen after using it.[1]
2. Because they want to sell it.

In fact, this is how the first bank pen became an artifact. A long time ago, an unknown hero was walking to town without a care in the world. Suddenly, however, his bag slipped out of his hand and he unceremoniously tripped over it. He turned to it and angrily smacked it with his weapon. To his surprise, the bank pen came rolling out. After attempting to think, he gave up trying to remember where it came from[2] and decided to sell it.

However, this started a fateful cycle. The trader gave the pen to the nearest customer, who happened to be another hero. That hero got himself killed by a Ligerian Prince, who was then killed by yet another hero. Then that hero gave the bank pen to another trader, and the cycle began again, continuing to this day.


  1. Well, some people take the pen to see what the big deal is about, but they promptly realize their mistake.
  2. If you're curious, he just happened to take the pen after putting money in his savings for the first time. And then the tavern happened.